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Nice game! The calling feature helped a ton to distract the enemy. 

I appreciate the feedback! I think I'll try focusing a bit on audio next time, but I wanted to make sure I didn't overstretch myself to start with. 

I enjoyed this. The art and concept were pretty nice.

Thanks for checking it out. Yea I've never made audio, so i wanted to limit the scope for now and focused on mechanics.

The aesthetic was nice. Maybe let the player see the whole screen so they can plan out the best moves and choose the character they want based off that. Obstacles could move during game.

I had a lot of fun with this. The bomb pumpkins were fun once i knew they didnt damage me. It felt like katamari

I didn't get very far, but I enjoyed the drawing mechanic. its a lot like line rider or that one kirby drawing game.

Great game. It functions and fits the theme well. I found switching to be more tedious than fun, but it's doing what it's meant to.

Simple and difficult. I enjoyed the tileset and the scope is appropriate for a jam.

Thanks for playing! Yea the safe zone is the space where you can't be damaged and the orbs bounce off of you.

A list:

Can't fire

How do I get ammo?

I just moved mid air and finished without touching any platforms

I don't see any restart option?

Good job on finishing. I'd recommend addressing the above if you want to improve this project.

Thanks! I appreciate you taking a look.

I've tried for years to make a game, but always got overwhelmed and dropped it for long stretches of time. Well not this time! It isn't very big or maybe even very good, but the fact that it starts and ends and can be played right in the browser means soo much to me. If you want to see what perseverance can look like,  then  let this be an example that tells people, "you are enough and you can make it."

You can check it out here and every piece of feedback will be appreciated to the utmost!

The dialog was nice

I played through the demo and it took me about 3 hours. I generally think of myself as someone who explored all the dialog options and different approaches to puzzles. I genuinely loved the quality and effort put into this. I see a lot of the references in this that you mentioned. I feel like this project has the same potential as something like Undertale.