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I have encountered a bug, regarding overall movement when playing in Delta Touch: In the prologue, you can move just fine. But the moment you get sucked into the TV, movement is slowed to an absolute crawl, making it excessively-tough to avoid incoming attacks.

The Unity WADs are completely optional, though if loaded in the "source_wads" folder, you can use the widescreen-specific assets from these rereleases.

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You should totally add that "Pistol Start" menu option from Works Of The Masters, as an option for all levels in WADSmoosh, with the Default option only applying to the Master Levels maps...

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Will a future version of WADSmoosh come with a font of its own, for use with the new Authorname functions of GZDoom/LZDoom? Ideally similar to what was present in previous iterations?

Also, is it possible to merge both Hexen and Deathkings of the Dark Citadel into a unified .pk3, sort of a "Hexen Complete" if you will?

UPDATE: Seems someone on Doomworld had the same idea, though his method involves using a hex-editor along with SLADE to get the job done...

Would it be possible to update this for use with the entirety of WADSmoosh (in its current version), and see if you can improve performance with LZDoom, and/or lower-end systems?