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Looks alright. Kinda buggy on some parts, but i get to finish the game. 

Easy to play, visual and UI could improve more

Just played the second update.  Looks more of a complete game now! Borders of some of the displays "Exit, Thanks for Playing" are too close on the edges. In the controls menu, there should be a "Back" button or something similar to return to the menu. I like how the game got more difficult with the "players die when they're too far from each other" game mechanic. Maybe an awarding finish to be added when every level is completed? Good update overall.

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Cute pixel graphics. Very silent game tho. After figuring out which buttons to press for the other person to move, you need to press Tab. Kinda got stuck on level 2, but then I figured you had to press E for the fire thing. Maybe a label or two would be nice. There are moments it was a challenging platformer game. Overall, looks good, real fun to play around with. Lots of stuff to improve too.


Very simple, yet very nostalgic