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YEAHH okay I definitely missed that! Thank you so much for pointing it out, I thought I fixed all the issues with these but I was focusing on the later scenarios with them

Ohh my gosh I must've overlooked it then!! Was it one of the ones that triggers when you land on it? 

The whole disgusting comment kinda comes off as mean I guess. Definitely did hurt my feelings a bit when you're the only person who showed up to comment hahaha

Nope, that whole room is empty. I wouldn't be terrible enough to do THAT lol.


youre so lucky i spent like 5 minutes spam clicking to get to a thousand

hi maddie

hey guys! the problem is that the developer isn't a verified microsoft developer! if you're getting a smart screen popup, hit "more info" and "run anyway"!

I really like the concept of this, and the art is really amazing!! I love being able to just play old computer games but imagine I'm NOT sitting in a darkened room by myself! If you go through with this, I think maybe you should give aligning text in textboxes along the left, it's hard to read along with the scrolling text when it's constantly moving outwards from the middle.

Yeah I'm so excited for this!!!!

This is soo cuuute! I'm so angry with myself for not trying this out until now, I loved playing around with this :^)

This was great!! The bouncy animations felt so great in gameplay, I'll never be able to get enough of the lo-fi dithered art style this game has got, reminds me a lot of Downwell

Jesus christ jesus christ je 

that freaked me the hell out!!!

.. I love this so much

Thank you dude!!

(i love your games btw)

probably not dude