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Yeah, you're welcome!

Alright, that would be sweet, once it's a real game I'll come back to it. 

Was really a great game, did scare me at first when I didn't know what was going on!

You did scare me! I hate being chased! good game, really set the atmosphere! Great sounds and great visuals! Set me on edge!

I'd say finish it. Right now it's looking not so good, but if you can make it great I'll give it another try, I actaully played it in a video that I made cause I thought it was more finished than what it was.

I see! That would make sense. I will try to find the other endings! Thanks for watching and this really was a great game!

I found 2 of your endings! really good game considering it was for Scream Jam with a limited amount of time to make the game!

This is an interesting game, noises were on point and caught me off guard, I like your game!

yeah, it was terrifying, but fun, thanks!

I played this 2 weeks ago and I found A, B, C, and F endings. It's one of my most viewed videos cause people were curious about the endings, if you are too, here you go!

This was a really good game for it being short! Made me feel like there was a threat as I was walking through the house so I was always on edge! Great game!

This was a fun experience, very creepy and the jump scare was placed very well! I felt like I was endanger the whole time!

This game is just like the original, like crazy identical! Very terrifying and creepy! I would definitely recommend anyone to play!