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Thanks for making another Slender game, if you wanna check out my video on it then here it is! hope you enjoy!

I'm back! I finished the game and I played with a good friend of mine. We really enjoyed this game! Hopefully you enjoyed it as well!

Very beautiful game, the style is nice and it does have some subtle scares that don't scream in your face, but easy to miss. 

Really good game, didn't expect that ending at all! 

I had no idea that the game was that big, makes sense with the big download now that I think about it. I will have to play it again because I really did enjoy it! You did a fantastic job with the game and I can't wait to see where it will go. Thanks for the comments, when I play agian I'll keep thoughs in mind and do a bigger video on that and actually explore more of the surroundings and actually progress through this great game!

This is a good game, I know its in alpha so I'm cutting some slack. I just wish there were more zombies than wolves, but other than that its a great game and I enjoyed it! Thanks!

this is a pretty good short horror game, really made me feel uneasy. The ending was a surprise for sure!

Awesome game, I loved it! Made me laugh and I'm genuinly pleased. Thank you to the developer!

I am very impressed with the game right now! It is a lot scarier than when I first played it, really made me feel uneasy and vulnerable, which is great in a horror game! Can't wait for more updates!

For sure, I'll be on the lookout!

Here is part 2 of this, I finished it and I gotta say this is an amzing game, nice twist! I loved the story!

Thank you! and I had a lot of fun playing it!

I loved the game, great story so far! That 'zombie' girl had me there for a minute!

girl had me there for a minute!

Made me feel super uneasy, a great game! I'm glad I got to play it!

Looking forward to it

Slenderman crawling on all fours did catch me off guard! Loved the game, can't wait to see more!

Scary Ass Game

This was actually a pretty fun game!

This is a good game, really scared me, but again I am a big baby!

Yeah, you're welcome!

Was really a great game, did scare me at first when I didn't know what was going on!

You did scare me! I hate being chased! good game, really set the atmosphere! Great sounds and great visuals! Set me on edge!

I see! That would make sense. I will try to find the other endings! Thanks for watching and this really was a great game!

I found 2 of your endings! really good game considering it was for Scream Jam with a limited amount of time to make the game!

This is an interesting game, noises were on point and caught me off guard, I like your game!

yeah, it was terrifying, but fun, thanks!

I played this 2 weeks ago and I found A, B, C, and F endings. It's one of my most viewed videos cause people were curious about the endings, if you are too, here you go!

This was a really good game for it being short! Made me feel like there was a threat as I was walking through the house so I was always on edge! Great game!