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I love it so far the story and the atmosphere is so intriguing ! I'm definitely gonna play the full game if it comes out. The BGM and the art are also beautiful. This is a small thing but I really like the "minigame" for the desks in the classroom !

You did an amazing job, I'm excited for this project !

Got all endings and memories, this was truly an awesome story and game :3 

The game was so beautiful ! I managed to get the hope ending on my second playthrough and I'm kinda proud of it x3 (also I got the four endings with four playthrough and I'm proud of it too xD) Joke apart, the character of May really hit me home : the reason why she's depressed, cutting herself... and seeing her in the missing ending really kind of.. scared me ? I dunno but I'm just happy that I played this game at a moment like this in my life ^^ I'm struggling with depression since many years now but playing game like this just kinda remind me that it worth the fight so... thank you for this amazing game ! (btw this makes me really confirm my bisexuality, May is so fricking cute x3)

Just found out that this game have finally other chapters than the demo, I've played it 2 years ago and just kinda forget about it until my curiosity lead me there x3 

I really love the style, it's cute and original ! I did not play the other chapters yet, but I'm sure it'll be awesome (I really liked the demo) ^^ I'm looking forward for the progression of the game, keep up the good work ! 

(Also sorry for my broken english xD)

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Oh god, just created an account just to describe how amazing this game is ! 

All there characters are too precious  ;w; Also I discovered this game just like that after hearing some things that I really don't  wanted to hear (even if I'm not outed yet) and this really warm my little bi heart of weeb x3

(I'm french so the part with the people in yellow felt very weird on the moment xD)