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this sound more like a  top down metroid then zelda.

yeah the 5% is good because that just what we need to a run for our live to the save. and the sp being used when walking is way too chibi robo for my liking, it good for a cleaning robot to run out of juice but not a person.

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slow auto recover sounds good but why not have 3 game modes . easy with sp auto recover , normal non auto and hard with no sp from save like from the demo.

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the thing is  my controller is not xbox just a different gamecube usb switch controller. one by pdp and one by hori. and one by hori is seen as xbox and  pdp is seen as normal

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oh that bug where you see 2nd main char is a controller bug. how do i know because i have two diffent controllers and one seen as xbox show that bug and one  that normal controller with numbers.

have you thought  of adding control test room/ground where you have all weapons to use and get a feel for them, this i can see being in the extras.

if you want to know how to get there just let me know ill see, ill pm you if you want to know, wait can i even pm on here? guess ill find out later.

im talking about the big one in the apartments that one, not the  harpy.

i need help with the bird lady in the what  i the first dungeon.

if someone can  give me walkthroughs

now that i was able to play now after i fix my stupid anti virus. yeah the game fun, just wish it did not crash where i have to delete my save to play again. i hope this gets fix and best of luck. oh ill be deleting my other commets about my dumb anti viruse to not freak out people.

here some of my thought. art looks great and i think the controls may need some work  because the button for the mouse was moving when i try to pick up,  i think this is a bug. i think controls may need a change or bigger pick up range to evade getting killed fast. most of the problems was picking up stuff beside that it works fine.

i swear i thought this was mc texture pack

to get the different animation is by the SP bar. there are 3 stats the bar can be at, blue for the hj animation, pink for bj and full bar for cowgirl.

can you tell me why the fuck is Z to move forward and not W and ASD? please change this because you just made your damn game unplayable. as a lot of people say "don't fucking fix what's not broken"

this game is dead.

that stupid having set to one resolution, that i cant even use . my resolution is 1600 x 900. i cant go higher that it just does not show up because of my  screen. so think befor you post a game.  for me the game is unplayable