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Wooo goodluck! This is dope. I am gonna miss the beautiful pixel art though haha

Hey! I just got an email saying this game is gonna get published by Devolver Digital. WOw! Super stoked for you and your team. Goodluck with the release. This game still remains as the one and only game that's on my desktop while the rest stay in a folder, ha. 

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Fun lil game with some nice tunes. Sloth on the doublebass going hard

Hurtboxes of the lil crawling critters could use some work and the font is super hard toread. other than that, nice job so far. Love the mood and setting it gives off. 

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Absolutely! I should be thanking you once again for working on something like this. I'm not sure when I'll be able to do so, but I assure you - I'll support you financially when I eventually get a more stable source of income in these trying times. I wont forget since your game is the only one that has its own shortcut on my desktop from my collection of games. (I usually just keep all the games I have in one folder and access from there, but yours is an exemption :D ) 

Such a good game. Love the whole vibe and the gameplay. Art is beautiful and music is a cherry on top!

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Pretty sick game. I dig the music and the combat system. I do think the character portraits when they're talking could use some work. Maybe going Shantae style and having the portraits being a high quality artstyle in contrast to the pixel art. (maybe use the style on the banner for the game) or even the pixel art of the MC when you hit X could suffice. 

Love the little game. Hope you're still devolping this