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Sorry I just now checked back on this. Re-downloading did the trick, don't know what happened. Now I can finally move it to my second monitor and use it the way I wanted to. Thanks!

I really like the app but where is the documentation? What are the hotkeys? The only option I get is to press M which brings up 4 toggleable options. For me there is no windowed/fullscreen option and hitting Q does nothing, I can only ALT-F4 to exit. This is using the build.

Thanks for making this!

Ok, they should be sent. I have definitely had better luck in the browser version, thanks!

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I have the same problem, except mine is generating a crash report everytime. I have tried launching the exe in admin mode but it didn't help. I have also noticed there is no sound from the game what so ever. Would you like the crashlogs? I really want to play...