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You gotta stay in the exact position where they connect

It's there anything wrong?

I made so many waffles they started escaping to the journal screen, so I decided to make this masterpiece of visual art 

another one :)



It's good


I'm on windows version

Tried a few more times and it's working now :)

I've restarted a few times already, and it keeps happening so I can't play 

Found another bug :( when I started the game the first animal to come didn't talk, his speech bubble was there but it was completely blank and I had to restart

All these people are going crazy, I got legos :)

Just wanted to thank and apologize to my little friend who was so patient with my noob ass and never lost hope and faith in me turning around even when I was over ten tries in and couldn't pass that maze with the moving thingies

I love Baezel

On my third day a little guy came in and left while telling me his order, I made it and he never came to get it, holding another little guy who was in line, and I got two bad reviews, from the guy in line and from the one that left, who said I "didn't take his order" or something. 
Also, not a complaint, but some little guys seem to really like the food and keep coming back 2-3 times on the same day, and I think that's very cute.

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It's kinda fast, a lot of times I would turn to get more of the shiny thing and miss it cause my reaction was too slow for the game. It's still pretty sick
High score 1759-86

Really cool game, the music is fire, I'm especially fond of the cat world

Isn't there any way of reseting the game? 

Some people saying they had a hard time finding the last one? It was the only one I got first try