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The windows version works with the JoiPlay app, so I was still able to try it, but it isn't quite as good. Still, what you have is fun. Let's hope you get that bug figured out and I can try the android version, soon.

Android version still doesn't install. I have 6 gigs available, so it shouldn't fail to install.

I wouldn't say it was too hasty. It got my attention, after all

When you said there's not much here you meant it. Well, it might be good, so I'll keep an eye on this one.

Still having trouble with the APK not parsing. Any idea what's causing the problem?

I did. I tried all four of the Mega downloads twice, each.

I keep getting a error message with the APK saying there's a 'problem parseing the package' on android.

I was literally just thinking about this game last night, wondering when we'd see another update.

Thanks for making my day!

So, are there plans for doing other ponies, or are you just doing Pinkie (pun totally intended)?

Can't download the file. It reports server problems.