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beat the whole demo and the music used is fire! Cant wait to see the rest of the game

 Bro screw this game, day 6 was a nightmare lol. Good job man, definitely look forward to more of your work.

finally I get to post here as well lol,really enjoyed chapter 2 

it was a fun little game, was hoping for a better ending though

game looks great, but there no sound options, only one type of enemy, the combat is super wonky. But if you keep going and make this into an actual game, ill definitely look forward to it.

Made it a little farther, hoping to progress more, will update if I encounter something weird

great game! the artwork is really good, the only awkward thing was the combat. But nice job dude.

its the third game in the video and I screamed like a baby lol

Its the second game in the video

had a fun time, gave some criticism enjoy

It was super simple, kinda wonky, and for some reason that dumb guard got me spooked lol

If the creator can see this, it would mean a lot, also to anyone who watches it, consider subscribing and helping the channel grow, thank you.

maybe delete the internet Wijolt, its not for you fam.

Great game, cant wait for the full release!

creepy, dark and with a nice ending, nice work.

had a blast playing it! Only issues was the jump sometimes didnt activate and the punch range is really short, other than that I cant wait fo r the full release

Well done mate, good message, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

First off the art style is absolutely stunning. i voiced the two characters and hope you enjoy how they sound!

Hey jordan loved the game dude! Thanks for the key, I was happy to see all the characters and do all the voices, thanks again!

Was sent an email to try it out, and i gave some honest feedback

Oh, i saw on a release date of december, OOOF. But no worries, I know your gunna do a great job.

Hey orange dont forget to give me a key :))

Thanks for they key, I thought it was ok, the sound is uber loud lol

I was close but i failed again oof, sorry for the sniffles lol. Also im pretty proud of the voice i gave to the mayor
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My second attempt at the series, boy is this game tough oof

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Orange you outdid yourself, im loving,loving this game! I hope you enjoy my voice work this time around for the characters!

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game did pretty well on my channel for only being there for a couple days, I had some input on it as well, but also I think I missed some stuff too.But overall nice job!

Hey i tried the updated version, much better, and im glad the puzzles we tried in the first video now work lol

Lol no worries, also try finding some music, i added some but youtube has a bunch you can use for free

Heres my playthrough i was confused at first but then got the hang of it

It was a nice short game, was wishing it was a little longer.

ok good to know, thank you.

Hey Orange, just wondering when I could get my hands on fear And Hunger Termina, I hav a bunch of subscribers wanting more lol.

dude great job had a blast, put it in my spooky series. heres my playthrough

dude i want the full game! Lol i was getting into it then the warning label came on. Heres my playthrough.

heres my voice work on your game, and i added some music on quiet parts.

Heres my playhtrough

hey keep it up and give in! Ill post when I play it so you can hear my voice work.