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I like the art and all, but when on the first lvl the stuffs went away the game broke.. i dunno why but think im the only 1that has experienced this

66. 6.  69420


Rick be rollin

Heheh lets get rick to roll

Lmao thought it was a virus and clicked it cuz y not, not lookin at the name xd

Wait innit free??

new settings, 3 last wines are now severely nerfed

Oh, yea in settings u can choose starting cash and time limit, for the normal and poor money rating id suggest just get 1 grape wine and wait untill uncan get red wine

Oh god. My pb is around 9Q rn

oh yea! If ur making a sequel that would be amazing! And your challenge for a game a month is really cool, so good luck!

Ooh good job! What mode did u try?

dont worry, it was a run on 20min rich mode just to see how op thev wine was.. btw u dun need to nerf all wines, more like the last 3, u should put a 500k cap on xander wine, half the output of the stonks wine(btw rn the stonks wine does not showin selling area) and just reduce the shiro wine output by a crap ton

I broke the game again… i got beyond the barrier…

Oh and the shirodekuno wine should probably be severely nerfe

I have a suggestion for a building, what about a building that autimatically takes your wines to the next area, and what about a building that gives you multiplied money, like for 10k u can get 0.1 more money production or 10 seconds, but it becomes 10x more expensive, so its like first upgrade costs 10k but next is 100k then 1m and onward,

How op did u make it..? I got over 5 quintillion

Thank you so much! Ill look forward to it!

Wow that is a lot!

Thats better than my first time by quite a bit, like maybe as much as a 64bit game….

Wow lok at what i got:

i guess i got a new record.. again.. 411,342,533,635… great

Btw for everyone trying to get high records, my strategy is to get 2 start wines and have them increase untill u can get 2nd wine, then let 2nd wine go untill u have 25k,

Get the final wine and let it get up to around 200k, sell it and get as many final wines as u can, wait untill the end to collect them and u should have quite a bit

Oh and i have a suggestion, 

What about different modes like:

Easy: 20min

Normal: 10min

Hard: 5min 

Extreme: 2min

And also different money multipliers like:






In a menu before you start the game, it would deffinetly be a big update and would require a bit of time, bit many people may enjoy getting an easier start, before they try a harder gamemode to test their capabilities.

Oh wow that would be amazing! This is one of my favourite games and i would be honored to have a wine named after me!

Great! I think i got a record or something cuz i got 193,270,047,199

Great cuz it happened again and i had 3 wines at 1b with 1 min left;-;

I got 7,003,481,396 After tho

Damn… idk what happened but i got to a pb of atleast 5,000,000,000 and my device shut of..

Well, a bit better innit 555,764,325 2nd try

Well 1st try i got 37,861,525 but imma try get more

Wow this game is amazing` I played it a lot and got to 1 crash before finishing! Realt fun to play