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I just completed Adastra. One of the best games I ever played, honestly. I can't believe how this game with a simple premise (alien kiddnaps you onto his planet) turned out to be amazingly deep and complex story about love, politics, destiny, free-will and others. Every event that happens, is perfectly planned out and executed to add up to the story, literally every line of text is in perfect place, quantity and meaning, this game never felt like a visual novel, it felt like a miracle unfolding itself. I will for sure go in depth into script and decrypt what made this piece of text so whimsical. Art and music is perfect addition to the story, as I said with storytelling, audio-visuals are perfect in placement, it's content and of course art style and attention to detail. If I were not poor at this moment of my life, I would absolutely support Echo Project with money, but (for now at least ;) ) I can only offer my love and devotion to this masterpiece. Howly, you're a genius writer, kudos to you for making my life a whimsical story with everything I would want from my actual life, at least for few days I spend playing it.

Well thought out game with good simple mechanics and pleasing art and audio to top it all. Great game!

I was trying to fix it but, time get out of hand. Probably some bug with wacky unity 2D physic engine. Thanks for playing.


That is true, when i was making game in unity i can move a mouse outside of "game box". In webGL the mouse is only registered when it is in the range of game box. Can't really fix it. Thanks for feedback!

Amazing game!

Nice, game. The bzz max level point should be lower because when you maxed out all the terminals you just need to wait, waiting is boring.

Graphic are fabulous! Extremly enjoable, simple but engaging.

Fun game! It hit theme perfectly. Music create more action in it. Graphic simple but shine.

Sorry bro, I made a game, i just debbug it so I am sorry but you reply to late.

Do you have discord?

Do you have Discord?

Sorry for not quick reply, I was busy. I change a plan of a game (to end it until dedline) so if you want teamup reply to me.

No but I have fb lite that you can send messages.

No but I have fb lite that you can send messages.

I have an idea. We can do "VR nature experience" or somenthing like that. Player choose a map to look at with his phone (he move telephone up, he see a sky or somenthing like that.  Quick idea.

Sorry, I can't text you from the link. So I type there. Tell me litle bit more about yourself, what your making game role (coder, music producer, graphic, game designer ect.) Do you have any plan for a game?

Hello, I am looking for some teamates.

I am generally universal. I can do music, some code or do a basic graphic. I looking for enyone. If you intrested or just want to write a coment, comment below. Have a nice day. :3

This game is really masterpece. Is a mix of Dark Souls and Super Meatboy, short game but for total game masohist. I've been playing to 4 level, I need a friend to do this. Levels is so much hard and you must learn level, how is it working to do this ,but a Audiovisual luminaire do awsome job. Music is very good, perfect fit to game. Design is minimalist but I really loves it. (and eyes do not bleed after 15 minutes of play) My favorit to a game jam. Just download it and play, please. (sorry for bad english)