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this is the final area of arc 2. with 2 separate versions of stories. You do not go here unless you have beat the arc boss talked to abby and shiros image after returning. Then you come here and the game ends

this is an older version of the game. I haven't updated here because we are almost done fully with arc 2. If you want you can get the rest of the game so far on gamejolt

did you fall?

I have contacted you on discord. Please help me figure out the plugin

sorry about that. I actually just noticed recently. However the new version will be out soon with the fix. if you can't wait, I can give you my discord and send the file. let me know

Are you a part of the discord?

Thanks. I've been doing a lot just today. The goal is to really push to finish Arc 2 (playable). 

once it's finished I'll slowly start arc 3 while also finishes touches to Arc 2. Expect it!