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Shiro K

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hope you enjoy :D

hey :) you get it from the statues that you turn around ... it took me a while and i dont know how to explain it cuz i kinda started to turn them randomly but my vid of it will be up soon so you can chack it out and skip to that part :)

hey this was a lot of fun :D i would have a vid for you soon but hope you dont mind me getting mad sometimes :D

well i can say i have a talent in breaking games and glitches seem attracted to me even if they dont exist :D and dang ... i wonder how many more apart from the one with less than three kills ...

hey :) yeah you can get it when you have to kill 4 people and you just rush the first one then it tells you Quick Kill ... after that you can open the door for it 

nice game concept i enjoyed the idea but i kinda went on a bit hard on it in the end so i hope you wont mind and would take it as constructive criticism ... plus i got 3 endings so i dont know if thats all of them :D

hot damn this was nice ... wish it was longer though cuz i got the jeebeez at the end of it ! hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me calling the people in the pics all kind of things :D

i will shamelessly say i enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons but it was fun :D here is my vid about it and dont mind me getting too excited in the cutscenes :D

oh damn ... yeah this happens sometimes when i play that i miss stuff ... and thats fair i think you guys would rock your next project but keep in mind there are always stupid players like me who would miss things so you would have to make the scares non-avoidable :D

the deed is done :D

hope you enjoy it :D

thanx a lot and i hope you enjoy your stay :D

you guys brought back a famous character to my channel :D i would have a vid for you later on and i hope you wont mind me being a bit critical about the game in it :)

no problem im happy to help :D and if you need free of charge one liner voices im more than happy to offer my angelic voices ... you could get a recap of them on the channel to see what they could be :D 

yeah i figured :D but the ghost has no chill :D 

it was fun ... i have a huge vid for you later on to hopefully enjoy :)

hey ... i like the idea of it but if i have to be honest i couldnt do much cuz there were no clues on where to go so i jumped off the flat earth after skyriming the wall built by nasa and sean needs a bit more energy cuz he didnt seem to care much about hana :D

it was pretty interesting i enjoyed it but it was anti-youtube vid so i couldnt make a vid of it cuz i died all the time :D 

have fun :D 

no problem and good luck in your next projects ! ill keep an eye out :)

the jesus was cute :D

that was fun :) i would have a vid for you to enjoy later on :D

feast ! :D

have fun !
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this was fun :D i would have a vid for you to enjoy :D

it was very interesting to check out ... i recorded a bit but not knowing what to do kinda got the best of me :D

it was fun and recorded it but i hope you will take my criticism as a constructive one from a perspective of the player :)

dang im late to the party but this was awesome :D

oh i see ... its probably my monitor then cuz its on different resolution 

hey :) when i try to launch the game it opens like 3 windows and i cant click on the continue button cuz it minimizes to like a small box on the corner of my monitor ...

eyes are wide open !!! :D

good job buddy i liked it and wish i had longer time with the ghost so we could be friends :D 

enjoy :D

dang you got me good there :D i will have a vid for you on it ... dont mind the swearing :D

this was a fun ride :D i enjoyed it and i would have a vid for you to watch ... and i hope you dont mind me ranting about it in the end of the vid :)

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... i dont know what to tell you ...