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Shiro K

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no problem you earned them ! and im looking forward to see your next projects :)

hahaha i really feel like i missed out on having the stach from the start :D 

i can't believe this was your first game :D very well done i really enjoyed it ! hope you enjoy the vid and don't mind the corny jokes here and there :D

i cant believe how this game got buried under all the other games and didn't get the attention it deserves ... it took me a while but i got all the endings , i hope you guys enjoy the vid and i really love the influence from junji ito there :)

no problem :) i did upload the full updated game on the channel in its own video ! keep up the good work :)

this was very interesting it gave me the feeling of old youtube creepy vids :D im excited to see how this will turn out and im sorry it wasn't in its own video but i did not know what i was getting myself into when i started recording and didn't want to waste my first genuine reaction to the game ( it's the second one in the vid )

very interesting how you are turning the game and how the gameplay is advancing but it makes me kinda worry on how it will go forward from here ... overall im happy that its still at the works and excited to see more :D hope you enjoy the vid :)

this was nice but i kinda ranted a bit too long and was a bit mad cuz of the other game in the video but you can ignore that its like a couple minutes at the end so i hope you enjoy the vid nonetheless :D

as much as i liked the first game and thought the second one was nice ... i honestly thought this was shooting the franchise in the foot cuz it took away what made the first two games unique and now it's just dark deception maze with a spooky monster around ... 

nice one i really liked it :) one of the endings was kinda secretly made for me personally wink wink :D hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me ranting about things :)


this was fun ! i wish it had more but since its a game jam game i understand the time limitation ... apart from that i hope you enjoy the vid nonetheless !

i cant believe how mean shaun was ! :D  hope you enjoy the vid my man and dont mind me trash talking that idiot shiro :D

this was a lot of fun ! i don't really know if you guys are looking for any feedback but overall i think this was a really nice demo and hope you would enjoy the vid and bad jokes in it :D

oh really nice game ! i was too stupid at the beginning but once i understood how things work it was a really nice experience ! so good job my dude and i hope you enjoy the vid and don't mind the stupid jokes and commentary :D


oh dang ! i did not know he was there :D

oh dang ... there was one but i think they are reworking the game page cuz when i got it it wasn't in english :D

hey i tried your demo and i got to say i really like the monster but i kinda complained a lot so i hope you don't mind and that you would enjoy the vid nonetheless :)

this had some really heavy topics so i couldn't be the funny guy making jokes all the time but i hope you enjoy the vid nonetheless and dont mind me being a bit uncultured or if i said something weird during the video :)

this was fun ... i really wish i dated anna instead but yeah :D

hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me ranting like an idiot :D

this was goofy and fun i liked it :D

hope you enjoy my vid on it and dont mind the stupid jokes :D

i will visit this again once it has more for a demo cuz i enjoyed it a lot but it was really short ... on the other hand i dont really know why the game was so cpu heavy and framy

Thy hath giveth us a game we shall playeth ! i hope you enjoy the intro and the video overall ! :D

i like what i saw and was a bit excited throughout the Demo ! so much love and work was put into it for sure !!! i hope you guys enjoy the video and dont mind me talking too much on my opinions of the game at the end i guess that counts as a feedback :D

oh my ! i cant believe all the love put into this ! the demo was great but this is so much fun !!! i hope you guys enjoy the vid and dont mind me crying of laughter :D

is this different from the one released last year ?

i played all of them and they were really nice and unique ! had the scary ones on the channel in a playlist but i really advise you play them yourself !

as the person behind the floor is breathing i had such high expectations but you definitely delivered ! loved it and ill give it a couple more shakes in my private time but for now i hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me singing randomly :D

i have my eyes on you :D

forgive me father for i have sinned and i think i saw a red nun :D nice one and i definitely didn't play the game ... wink wink

The return of Violet was a nice touch :D jokes aside this game hit the dingly feels so im sorry for all the ranting about depression :D hope you enjoy the vid and take care of yourselves !

Reunited at last ! :D a nice add to an already great game plus its a remake of what started it all ! a full cycle !!! plus i still hate isaac and if you dont get that ref go play timore redo ! hope you enjoy the vid my dude and my classy weird jokes :D

this was really nice ! im glad i tried it and didnt skip and now im excited for chapter 2 ! hope you enjoy my vid about it and dont mind my rambling about how much i died :D

you can contact me if i can help somehow :)

this was interesting ! i would love to see a full blown game built on the same story :D hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind the voices i give the characters :D

i enjoyed the concept and the flashlight was really nice and unique but i kinda complained a bunch so i hope you dont mind that and enjoy the vid nonetheless !

one man ... one park ... one ... TIMMMYYYYY ! hope you enjoy the vid :D 

this was cute ! i love the sense of choice and the different interactions you get ! hope you enjoy the vid and have to say ... very tasty :D 

hey ... ive been stuck for a while cuz after i enter the house all doors are locked and i cant find any keys so i just died a bunch

hey i caught ankoku twirking on tik tok ! :D fun game hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me complaining like i always do :D