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so the notes said that all characters have their scene count added but a lot of them are either empty or error (yes i'm sure those characters have interactions but the scene count is blank. e.g. kubas, sep, iron, vic, etc)

anyone know when will the next update comes?

just played the newest build and i like the new weapons but there are 3 problems that i encountered:

1. i can't enter town

2. can't climb the chains

3. the camera doesn't include the low ground so holes in the lower ground is inavoidable

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this is such an amazing game. love the story. can't wait for the continuation

p.s. : the save data loading is a bit bugged since sometimes it doesn't work

not in the main story but there are side stories called simulacrum that have

the download button seems to have been be missing for some time now, is there a new way to download or is it not ready yet?

hey there just wondering if swolis will be a possible route? i really like his big brother like personality and the comicality that whenever we're about to hear his real name, something always happens

i want to say  other species other than snow leopard as captives, but i'm pretty sure that it's already on the list. so i'll just say the capability to have more than  one captive from either same or different gender and add an option to have a gangbang or threesome (but i feel like that's gonna be such a hassle). how about new sex positions like missionary, riding, or a bj?

so it sid that it's complete but will be developped by someone else,who is it?

I love this update, it's spicy (although i still want more scenes with rinnal and tuon they are my favorites) and honestly got jelous of the bat, we're here first but he got serviced first by tuon. Although now i don't know where the cauldron is, i kept losing the coin flip, and i can't invite the orange burly dragon back to camp, but other than that, this update feels nice and make me feel closer to the characters and can't wait for the next one (also that last part when we're peeking on tuon is an amazing touch)

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wow wouldn't have made it without the hint, i've been trying to solve the top first. Thanks. Almost forgot a bug where i an error message pops up when exiting the golem cave, and if i won against a landshark it freezes at the image of said entrance

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Anyone know how to solve tha barrel puzzle in the werewolf forest? I tried it a lot of times but i can't solve it (yes, i know i can push both barrels at once but i don't know how that would help me since this puzzle seems to need a precise answer)

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took me a while but yes i finally triggered the quest, thanks

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I've done all those quests but still can't get the quest to trigger (already slept too but it still didn't trigger)

Anyone know how to trigger the "courier training...?" Quest? I've been talking to sebas and ole a lot, worked in the tavern, wait untill weekend so they appear at the tavern but it didn't trigger (i've done all the other quests)

spoiler alert

left then go forward will lead to maccon's route

left then go back will lead to rask's

right immediately leads to either tom or john's route depending on your choice whether you switch seats or not

so the game's protagonist can only be female?

just started playing and i have to say that i really loved it. at first i thought that being small was kind of a disadvantage (i prefer to be a small player dominated by bigger stronger characters) but it's not that bad with being small give dodge rate and not all battles have to be won with strength (if you ask why i play the game while i like being small, it's because of the other dudes are massive). the art style is also very good and the writing is immersive. can't wait for the crocodile scene and the giant boyfriend curse

not sure about that or is one of the existing route is a cameo, but the only came that i noticed so far are zale and the coach, not sure if i miss someone

turn right and if john offered to switch seats, accept it

He's a cameo character tho so the probability is very low

he does but it's still very short because as i said, priorities

monchi said he'll focus on finishing tom's and maccon's route before continuing john's and rhask's

thanks for the info

Starting a new game even if the past saves exist is possible? I thought that because the past saves exist that scene will stay locked but i'll be happy to be incorrect

so i lost my saves because my pc broke down, and when redoing the nameless quest, i refused the witch's help and said i sided with nameless. but i messed up by accidentally clicking i want to kill him instead of serve him and i don't know how to trigger the "with overwhelming strength" quest line (all i managed to do was talking about the orc's war with everett and he told me to speak with orgram but nothing happened) can anyone help me?

and that's what i'm trying to say. To level up, yes you'll need quite the amount. To be the top? Not necceccarily since there are a lot of bottomings you can do and may want to do, or even may need to be done (the ones i mentioned are the examples). In fact, i feel like this game has more bottoming chance than topping, you just need to discover them

fighting eastern dragon is not uncommon, but you can find them more easily in the plains. And get f*cked doesn't increase your lvl, it is just for flavor

not really. There are several instance where being a bottom is not a bad thing. Again *spoiler alert*

1. Constantly losing fights to the chromatic dragons will let you to meet your posibly future husband (you're the bottom of course unless you want to the be top by defeating him, hardest fight in the game btw)

2. Defeating the eastern dragons made you a power bottom

3. You can bottom for the dragons that messes with a certain caravan.

So overall being the bottom is not a bad thing. But if you want to find the secret npc by beating frost, you can fight eastern dragon if you want to bottom, and choose get f*cked with territorial dragons (that's what i do)

if you don't get stronger: *spoiler alert*

you won't be able to beat frost to meet a secret npc

Just played the game and i'm so amazed by the quality. Great artwork, great cg, interesting story and premise, and lovable characters. Tho i have 2 things to say

1. Does the current build ended in the spring? If it does having a prompt that said end of current build would be helpful

2. There is a bug where the game treated the waterfall like a normal ground so you can just cross it

But other than that ,it's a really well done and easy to pick up game

do lewd things without getting a game over. e.g. the fruit in the crate, the slime cave, losing to slime dragon on full stamina

*mild spoiler alert*

this is probably one of my favorite update so far. i can get intimate with some of my favorite characters and the smut is really nice (my fave is the one with nel). the only thing that made me scream "WHYYYYYYY" is when we get the suit from the blacksmith. when he said he'll help put it on, i thought something more naughty than that scene would happen, but the writing is still really good.

tho i do found a bug in this version. even if i already got the scene with river tentacles, the chest in gallery didn't open. and it's not a bug but the blinking bridge at the last part is too punishing with such a small window frame for the blue tiles in the last zigzag bridge. other than that this update is really good and can't wait for the next one. i want to say some encouragement but i don't know what to say without making things awkward (sorry)

maybe it's the one for giving the slime strip to the wizard. i don't remember exactly which one is that

train your pet the mount skill, don't forget to feed them when they're low on energy, also raise their likes by feding them if the training can't begin. once the mastered the mount skill, you can make them mount you if you have around 60 lust and above and your pet should be one of the option to relieve yourself

Problem is that xer is always already at the training ground with rhot so i don't know how to trigger the "angry rhot" part (is i already secired xer's victory. and yes it's weekend)

anyone know the artist that made the blue dragon dude? i want to look at his other artworks

i wonder what happened. the devs are silent for almost a year. no post on twitter nor any news here. it's not that i want them to rush it, i just want to know what happened because the last time i seen this happen is with starry chains and they're pretty much super silent then they're gone

correction, almost every reptile. you can't capture the purple lizardman

enter bareshade at night