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Hey!! Glad to see you!! Im happy for you for putting something that was harming you behing you, thats really important and meaninful and Im sure you're aware. I know this will sound weird for a lot of reasons, but Im proud of you! Really are :)! Its so good you are finally able to do what you like! I don't know how long I can stay(I have a meeting like, one hour and a half after it) but I will certainly be there!! 

Good job, stay safe and keep fighting! Hope you have a nice day! (Although i think its like 3 am there but anyways) Cant wait for the live!

okay, i didnt play yet, but this is the first game where im attracted to literally all RO´s, so congrats for that  ////

Oh that's so nice! I also see aspects of my own friends in them, so its like the game is a puzzle, with yours, mine, and everybody's friends, all connected, being loved without even knowing  :)

Thank you for letting me meet a piece of them. <3

I hope you guys know you created a beautiful thing. :) <3

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[Maybe minor minor minor spoilers?}

....jesus, i dont even know what to say. I just finished the game, and man....masterpiece. The fact that i never had this phase, of IM, tumblr and long time roleplaying friends, and yet i feel so close to it, speaks a lot. I felt every single thing like i was in the character's skin, every up and down, every panic, every moment i played solitaire waiting for someone to message me, i felt i was genuinely T. I feel deeply connected to each character, as if they were my own friends(which hurts a bit, considering, well, everything). The story feels so real, so nicely written, the topics were handled so well, the art was so beautiful, and that ending....i cried a little bit. Thank you so much for this game. Every waiting moment for it to release was worth it. Thank you. Truly.  

hi! i made a fanart of one of my ocs from vivacity and i tagged you on instagram, but i believe you didnt saw it, my @ is heyshir0xx

just thought to say something in case you wanna see it! :)

Yay yay yay!!!!!!! Im so happy! Congratulations guys!! 

Yay!! Its so nice seeing games you like grow, im rooting for you and all your current and future projects!

It worked! Thank you so much! The only thing i was doing wrong were the test options, Russia asked to study with me before, not america. My god, im so happy i finally got to finish this. Thank you again, you´re very kind for helping me :)

Yeah, im definitely doing something wrong, but i dont know what it is. i even got the scene on the country cafe now, but he still rejects me. :[ its okay tho, you dont need to go out of your way, thanks for helping me :)

It looks awesome! I love the way you color :)

Looking forward to! I already love your game :)

Hey! Good to hear from you, Dev! :) 

Im very happy to hear you are still working on the game, but please also take your time! :) Dont overwork yourself, its okay to take breaks, and take care! <3

Hi! Really unfortunate that the game was discontinued, but im happy it existed at all. Thank you guys for giving us what you could. <3 I dont want to be rude or annoying, so im kinda embarassed to ask that, but do you think i could get a summary of how Ren´s route would go? I saw you answer to other people in the comments and figured you would by email or dm, but its completely okay if you cant or are tired. Be safe, and i hope your future projects go well. <3

Definitely looking foward to it! Your game made me smile so much while i was playing, I apreciate you guys hard work. it brings truly joy. <3

Hello! Purchased the beta a couple hours ago. Hope my 5 dollars can help you guys in any way. Good luck! <3 :)

America keeps rejecting me, does his route needs specific events or am i dumb?


So, I finished playing and BOY. I LOVED THE ENDING. 

Beng truthful, i followed Jack and the ending was exactly what i wanted, i thought it wouldn´t happen, but it did, and im so happy

Thank you so much for the game and congratulations, your game made my little trans heart warm. Exactly how you put it, finding something good in the worst. 


(Spoiler alert)

So, I really loved the game, but i believe there´s a bug at Fireworks Night, when Jack asks Toby if he wants to see something cooler than the fireworks, the options don´t work, i click and nothing happens.

Just wanted to let you know! Im really excited to see the rest of the story. :)

Adorei!! É incrível como você conseguiu dar tanta profundidade em apenas dois capítulos. E como nunca sei muito bem o que escrever nos comentários, vou responder as perguntas que você deixou :)

Isso vai parecer meio obvio, mas meu personagem favorito é o Mathias. Eu empatizo muito com ele, por lidar com os mesmos problemas de insegurança, consigo mesmo e até com os irmãos.

Só segui uma rota, a romântica ^^'

Adoro a estética de  preto e branco, dá um ar mais fictício, clássico, e eu acho que combina muito com o tema do jogo :)

Definitivamente adoro os CGS coloridos, mas também entendo que pode ser um pé no saco fazê-los por experiência própria, então eu não ficaria triste se você resolvesse começar a fazê-los em preto e branco :)

Alias, sempre fico muito feliz de descobrir sem querer obras de brasileiros, me enche de orgulho! <3

Jesus christ my  dread of things crawling  says hello  

Great game, its really short but sure as hell it made me shiver

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the more i play, the more i fall for Maskeguy

also, i really love this game! i hope someday i can help on your patreon, its already in my heart! looking foward to continue playing! good job to all of you! <3