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also could you make a tileset of underwater mermaid/naga home that include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room furniture?

Could you please make a Naga city tileset?

Nice pack, but I need way more dragon eggs, please make a 50+ pack of just dragon eggs/fantasy eggs asap PLEASE!!!!

Could you please make a pickaxe version of this? I love your icons and could really use some kick ass Pickaxes that go along with your Axe Icon theme!!

Could you make everyday town themes for Desert(Arabian theme style buildings) Fantasy forest (Tree houses/wood elf style) and Dwarven (inside a mountain carved in the rock) please!

Could we get an outdoor Fantasy version market please!?

I love this!

Omg I didn't see that one, it's so pretty! do you plan to do more tilesets in the future?, I love your style so much!

Please PLEASE make more furniture sets need MORE!

Shelves, bookshelves, beds, kitchen furniture, you name it I needs it!

do you plan on making a swamp tileset?/ also do you take commissions for tilesets?

You could possibly do a top next 10 or 20 on your list can keep it simple like that no timeline or promises there, it would just give a possible idea on what on your radar if that would work better. Just some thoughts ^u^

Do you know if there is a roadmap of the KR future creation plans regarding future tileset releases? If not I think that would a be cool thing to add to their website so people know what coming up.

Do you plan to do any other themes such as Greek/Rome, and Celtic? I am in real need for those as well!

these are great thx for making them, hope you'll make more in the future!

great food icons thx so much for making these!!

awesome food icons thx!

Love the food icons keep up the good work!!

dude don't complain to the artist about $2 bucks just pay the extra dollar and support them if you want the icons...

great icons thx