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Oh! Can't wait to play through the updated version! Our little group really liked the game so we'll play the update on our channel soon. Keep up the good work man!

Oh I did! I'm curious where the story goes from here, what sort of... powers do orb users have and what does it even mean to be an orb user. 

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Hey there.I just played your demo, amazing intro I've got to say! I really love what you've started and I'm eager to play more. I really like the art-style of the character sprites.If you're interested there is a Discord server for furry visual novel creators and players where you can get feedback and talk to other visual novel developers. Here's the invite if you're interested:

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So umm is this "Baraford's House of Beef" but rebranded or is this a separate game?

But I thought apple didn't allow nudity (or general NSFW material) in the appstore O.o

Do you need to jailbreak for the iOS build? How does the iOS build work?

I might be biased to Owen but... Why another Sissel update? Weren't the two or three previous updates for Sizzel already?

This game reminds me of The Feeble Files a lot, was it by any chance inspired by it in any way? I really loved the demo, hope to see you finish the game sometime!

Wow, looks awesome!

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What's going on with the project? Is it still active?

Hello! I just played the update and I REALLY LOVED IT!! Though it did seem a bit rushed compared to the rest of the game, there were some slip ups in the text, but that’s nothing. The thing that broke the immersion for me was the lack of models for some places, it just shows a ‘not found’ error instead of a location. I also am not a big fan of placeholder sprites that are obviously placeholders (aka Liz) but the content itself  was amazing and made me laugh a lot :3 Keep doing what you’re doing because I’m a big fan, though if you need more time to finish an update, I would incourage you to take it. The game is amazing and I can not wait for more :D take care! 

Omg COOL! I can't wait to see what you come up with :3 I really liked the original game and I am looking forward to the remake. Good luck!

I meant more like how far in the game's development are we? How much longer is the story gonna be?

Hi! I just played the 0.5 demo and I have to say you've made GIANT strides in the game polish from the last demo which didn't left me impressed to be honest (I think it was 0.2? 3? I'm not sure) Now though I really liked the game :3 It's really cool and original. The music is fitting and the sprites even move a bit :o (maybe in the future the backgrounds could be animated as well ^^) The saving system needs some work though since the saves aren't sorted by time... There could also be a little screenshot beside the save so you know which save it is. AH and also! There should be an option to go back in dialog with mousewheel, or at least a backlog button. And when you get a heart it should show which character get's the love point. Other then that I really enjoyed the game and I'm looking forward to future updates :3

You mean the options.rpy? xD Well the newest demo zip is still called "[...].1.0-pc" So is it for the Patreon only release for now?

Hi I have a few suggestions for the game. I already wrote you on Twitter a few months ago but you haven't seen the message. ;-;

 I wish there was a version number for each demo because right now every demo is just called 1.0 and it is kinda confusing to be honest. There should also be a more detailed changelog since "more content" is kinda vague xD And I also wish there was a way to skip chapters so you don't have to play through the whole game every update. 

Anyway, love the game I wish you the best of luck with it :P

Ummm... SO... The macOS launcher you have on your android phone is just a skin for your interface, it does not allow you to launch mac apps. Launchers on android are kind of like themes. If you don't like how your phone looks you can just download a different launcher. You can not run macOS apps on your Android phone. I would advise you just to play it on a PC instead :P

Yooo Wolfstar! 

Ever since my last comment I haven't played any updates until now. I don't know how you do it but you keep putting a smile on my face :D As much as I might enjoy the gloomy atmosphere of Blackgate or the serious story of Echo, it is YOUR novel that keeps making me laugh, chuckle and ULTRA EXITED for what's coming up next. Like... in what other game can you make these amazing  cow jokes (<3) with your boss that you're dating that also happened to be a GIANT BULL? O.o mindlow.jpg And of course that character in the game just teleported a bunch of times and said to be continued JUST TO BE DRAMATIC xD As for the bad stuff there really isn't anything to be said from me O.o I'm pretty sure there were a few misspells but that's really nothing big. Once the game said something like "The elevator doors closes and continues to go up" or a misspell here or there but nothing major. I really liked the music as well! And holy shit there's gonna be A DIAGO ROUNTE??!? O.O Man I NEEED to play that shiz! (Will Cornelius have his own route? owo) Also Hugo is so friggin cute! I can't wait for more of his route x3 

Yo... I've played the original demo and admittedly I absolutely hated it. I hated the art style (for the most part, like I still liked the Tax man), the way the novel was written and also the idea of a game based purely on sex, but hot damn the new demo has changed my perception of the game by 180 degrees. Holey smokes I was SO wrong, this might just be one of my favorites VNs so far D: The art style while still not being perfect is VAAAAAAASTLY improved (And I actually like it), the colors you use aren't full on 100% saturation anymore, the new characters have thinner linework. The new sprite for Hyper is MILES ahead of the original one, also Hugo's is great :P (the fingers could be drawn a bit better but that's just nit picking) I honestly think that this improved art style fits the novel really well and gives it sort of a retro look. The story is actually.... really good to be honest O.o I love the occasional dreams with puzzles and ridiculous monsters :D and that whole BFP thing on Earth. Also the music is great! There isn't really much for me to criticize to be honest. I really loved it and I'm looking forward to more updates, I'll definitely be following you from now on :3. Again, this might just be on of my favorite VNs (better than Extracurricular Activities, YEAH I SAID IT!) ALSO THE CLIFFHANGER OML PLEASE! I NEED MORE O.O