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Just passing by and i can really tell this is a passion project. Just wanted to wish you all the best with it. Looks like it will be a great game when u finish it. Looking forward to release. 

Is this still being worked on? I keep seeing this through the years and would love to try it but wasnt sure if it was even still being worked on o rnot.

The download wont work, ive tried it in firefox and chrome both and just doesnt seem to work. The popup starts like the download should be starting but then nothing happens. For some weird reason its ALL the ISART downloads dont work, not sure why. All the other DLs on the site are working for me fine which is why its so weird. I disabled all popup blockers and addons and like i say tried it in another browser as well with no addons installed and it still didnt work.

Cant seem to get the download to work any suggestions or alternate download url?