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Is there any way to adjust the brightness or make it full screen

This is kind of a surreal thing to hear myself say but is there any way for you to provide the option to pay for this game? I know a lot of games are priced as "pay what you want." Normally I avoid paying for stuff as much as I can, but if I could I'd gladly pay the 3000 you'd need on my own.

If i want to migrate my saves to the latest version, is it as simple as moving the save folder or do I need to do something else?

Also, you managed to make me genuinely invested in the relationship between George and Aura, which is very impressive considering I'm usually totally uninterested in straight relationships.

I don't even like NSFW games, but I actually find this game very intriguing. I can tell it probably borrows a lot of tropes from some genre of anime that I don't watch, but really the story is very unique, and it's in a large part due to the brainwashing mechanic. I know there are lots of adult games that use some simple mechanic of accumulating vague corruption points to do more riske things, and I'm usually pretty disdainful of that, but the way this game has you actually looking at a representation of the MC's mind and creating specific changes? It's fantastic, utterly brilliant. I've been able to play through much of the game without really encountering much NSFW content, which is a huge plus, and I'm still having a lot of fun with corruption system. So bravo, you've made a really fantastic game.

Oh, thanks so much

thank you

i played through the whole game without realizing i could save, then i accidentally asked rootabloo to the festival

really it's all the princess's fault. I can't really fault Cyrus for damaging a town that appears to be complicit in keeping someone captive. 

Getting all 10 endings is a very emotionally taxing experience. Gumdrops continual desire for syrup to eat her seemed so funny the first time. But now . . . 

but now . . . 

dear god . . . 


Out of curiosity, what gender is Milk Chocolate supposed to be? they sort of look like they're wearing a dress, but i think the two are called the chocolate brothers at some point? Are they just a man who likes dresses? Are they Also nonbinary and feel like Brother works as a descriptor?

i still can't figure out how to get the moxie ending for date treat

I've played this game at least three times now.

If feels like do much must have been happening internally during that last night in the end. They arrived anxious about what how Treat would react, and by the end, they saw felt that their wasn’t room for them in Treat’s life anymore. Did that hurt? Had it occurred to them that it might end up this way? I am dying to know.

I want another game with trick so bad, I want to really dig deep into how they feel, how their emotions changed over time. I want to feel how Trick went from searching for the person who had been their home to realizing that they they love traveling.

"Do you have the world's lowest self esteem?" She said was i was thinking the whole time. 

i love these games so much. i don't even know how to put into words how beautiful they are. there's a sincerity in these characters than never fails to move me. 

The ending always makes me feel a little sad. Treat wanted Trick to stay. 
Also the line that Trick says about it hurting when people disappear unexpectedly makes me feel like Treat u and vanishing must have hurt more than they let on. 

where did you find the devipuri i've been looking all over for it. 

it's so fantastic to see good polyamorous characters. 

I have spent almost an hour stressing and debating  with myself what to say to Haru at a certain choice. i don't want to worry her, but i also don't want to lie and possibly disappoint her later. This should not be such a stressful game but I am way too invested. 

i keep hearing that these games have secrets but i can never find them. 

What's RTP?

this has become possibly my favorite game series on all time it is the most adorable thing. 

What does RTP stand for?

I've finally got a PC I can play this on, but when I try to download it, it only downloads an empty zip file and a zip part file, neither of which can be run as a game. the zip file says there has to be something in it to unpack it. What is going wrong?

Well, it looks like the answer is: none of them. But this disappointment is nothing I'm not used to; very few games work on chromebooks. 

I'll go back to pining for a mobile version. 

Thank you for all the games. 

What version works best with a Chrome OS?