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I suggested what I think it's best for the game, not for myself :)

I have a few accounts, not all active anymore, around 3k-4k games and I'm usually at 1500 minimum with peaks of 1700.

GFX47, maybe you could create some statistics for maps vs draws, ELO is not a good system if the chance of draw is too high and where you can reverse-engineer the opponent's AI when the map is too simple. This system was designed for chess, where ties are rare and if you google for "chess draw", you will see this system is not even used for chess tournaments.


My concern is with the draws. I didn't word this post very well, what I want to say is that with a map as simple as this one everyon will be using the same AI and the ELO system will be punishing higher levels for draws when there's nothing they can do to win.

Yes, I played on PC, Mac laptop, S6 and Nexus 7.

PC is great. Resolution is a bit off with Macs. S6 is extremely slow to build and load AIs. Nexus 7 even slower than S6.

That makes sense when you have the opportunity to win, which was not true for Interference and now Mind Game.

Has anyone tried it after the Shotgun nerf? It's a great map again and I'd replace Mind Game for it anytime.

I like to draw one AI per 1 or 2 bots, this not only works well but also make it difficult to be copied.

If it's going to cause performance issues, nevermind then, it's already very slow on S6.


Mind Game almost every time and now Circle of Death because all AIs are basically the same.

With new versions coming out more frequently (which is great btw, the balancing is much better), I need to rewrite AIs all the time and I don't like to delete the old ones until the new ones are properly tested, so I keep hitting the 50 cap.

I'm winning 95% of the matches since it was back by using only 3 nodes and now 100% with 2 AIs of 3 nodes, this map could open room for better ones.

The ELO system is not appropriate for a game with so many draws. Right now I have 5 draws in a list of 20 matches and this is a very common scenario.

Only the winner should win, we already had the combo Interference+ELO for weeks showing it was a bad idea, I truly don't see the point of it.

3 draws in a row now, -30 points that I couldn't have done anything about

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No, one draw after the other.

Use a Machine Gun, attack closest and push if there's only a sniper left. Cheap win for a lower level (with a draw).

If the strategies ever get more complex than this, it won't be even close to other maps.

Fair enough

There's no strategy involved, you just try a few different combinations of Attack Weakest, Attack Closest and maybe flee a little bit. It's not the kind of map where you feel great for designing a clever AI.

I meant "not unbalanced". (edited my answer)

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It's not unbalanced.

It's a terrible map though, just replace it.

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Yes, please. I don't want to deploy my Interference, Ambidextrous and Back to Back matches.

Specially when the new deployment will be fighting the old faster version of the Shotgun.

Sure :)

Maybe this varies from country to country also.

Exactly, it's only fine if it's playfully. If I walk up to any developer I barely know and say that it will be very offensive.

If one day you get into a team of Software Developers, definitely don't call anyone that. If you still don't believe me, Google that.

Macho, you're not a software developer, right? Maybe you don't know how offensive this sounds.

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I liked the changes a lot!

GFX47, maybe you could create a contest to let players post their ideas for new maps and the ones with most likes win (or something like that), so they could replace the removed maps.

Good to know that, thanks.

I imagine these inconsistencies are because the bots processing are not 100% parallelised, so the faster the tick is, the more likely a concurrency issue will happen.

Have you unlocked the Shotgun?

It's in slow motion. It may be more than 0.2 seconds too, I just guessed this value, my point is that these checks happen on the tick of the clock, it's not continuous.

It's not really a bug, it has to do with the frequency of the check for a new condition. Since this is Unity3D, I'm guessing the check is every 0.2 seconds by default. I'd suggest GFX47 to change this to 0.1 or even less.

I didn't understand a thing, you want the objective to be a draw?

Why is Starving even mentioned here?

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"I like being able to pick my multiplayer maps"

Finally someone else disliking this.

For now at least we can skip the bad maps, but a lot of people are complaining about this, so we will be forced to play everything very soon, get your AI ready for painful matches at Circle of Death, hopefully you won't get many.

The only bit I disagree is with the random factor, in Alpha 4 we had to play too many matches to see which AI was better because we never knew if we won or lost out of luck.

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It has to do with how the tick of the clock works, I was using this tweak in my AI.

Great idea!

It's not only more fun, it will also fix the problem with the randomness of 2 bots trying to get the same resources at the same time.

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"there is a random factor you can't predict - accuracy of a shot"

No, fortunately the randomness in the accuracy was removed in Alpha 5, the only randomness left is when 2 bots are fighting for the same resource.

Create a training AI with only "attack closest enemy" in any map, all bots will be destroyed every time. I just tried that with 9 Machine Guns in Circle of Death, draw.

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The new maps are not suitable for the new classes, it's as simple as that.

They need to be bigger, the bases and spawn area need to be further away and the randomness with catching the resources should be fixed.

If you put the same AI to play against itself, it should always be a draw, try that to see what happens.

I couldn't agree more with Arekusandoru, the game is not that interesting anymore, there's practically no shooting, just rushing for resources.

Middle of the map.

Or anywhere in the imaginary line of which each point has the same distance of the average coordinate of bots from both sides.

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I know why this happens, I sit on the fence about whether this is a bug or not. It has to do with how the engine works (not Unity, the game itself)

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Ambidextrous and Back to Back have the same problem, you just have to rush with the Shotgun bot to guarantee a draw.

In Ambidextrous you rush with 5 Shotguns bots to one of the resources and

in Back to Back you already have 3 resources in front of your base, even easier.

What do you think about removing them too? Or you could just add 1 resource in the middle of each map and keep all maps.

This is about: https://trello.com/c/a7o3PtjV/253-auto-defeat-when-player-doesn-t-commit-a-match-for-too-long

Maps that have an even number of resources are unbeatable, any 2 experienced players playing against each other knows that maps such as Interference will be a draw, you just get the Shotgun bot and get 1 resource, end of story.

Forcing random maps on everyone was already a bad idea imo, but they are at least skippable, so if you know how to play the game you don't have to lose 20+ points for low levels on these bad maps. I clearly remember that in Alpha 4 none of the top 20 players would ever create a match on Interference and now, with the Shotgun, this issue will be extended to Ambidextrous and Back to Back.

My suggestion is:

Change the maps to have an odd number of resources or let us choose which maps we want to play.


Is there a specific reason why you're still setting a max AI count? Does the cloud you use charge you per storage? If not, why not set the limit to 1000? Give me a couple of months with 4 classes and a lot of maps and 50 AIs won't be enough again.

I edited my last comment before I read yours, I answered exactly that.