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Is there a back button for the apk version? I'm not seeing one.

I'm not encountering him. Guess I encountered the lake before going to the forest.

I visited the lighthouse and the forest, but nothing happened. I have Noa, Akuru, and Jude. I'm currently on the chief's test quest.

Are there any nsfw scenes?

Is there a discord?

Where can I find Marco?

The game is pretty good. The english is...atrocious. Please hire a translator.

Will there be any more updates of Ramos?

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I did already. It let me to the bad ending (?)

Edit: Got the good ending!

Does anyone know how to get the good ending? I've gotten all 3 bad endings.

Hey ppl! When will the english version of the game be updated?


Is  there an update?


Is the last key piece available?

I will check that out. Thanks!

I'm having an odd problem. No matter what save file I load up, it loads up with the exact same info. All the stats, inventory, etc. They have the same exact values.

I explored murcad cove already. I wonder if it's bugged for me. I remember adding some items from the "other" section of the cheat table. Lemme try again without doing that and see how that goes.

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Nothing happens when I talk to Everett. Here's the image.  

Is there a guide to getting all the sex scenes?

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Does anyone have a detailed guide for Rajt?

Nothing happened. I still have the same quests: war, and northquest. It wont let me upload an image.

I did.

Nothing happens when I talk to everett.

How do I continue the northcrest's conspiracy?

Hey ppl! How do I trigger I trigger frode's ingredient hunting quest? I finished making 5 dishes for pariff.


Is there a guide?

Will talbot be an option in the near future?

Hey ppl! How do I use the shovel?

Hey ppl! When will the quest log be implemented? I cant tell how many quests Ive started. Its getting harder to keep track of.

Nvm. Found him~

How do I get phoenix?

Are there any sex scenes for katari?

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Is there a guide? This one hasnt been updated for a while now. Up to public version 0.10.

Hey ppl! Are there any sex scenes?

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Are skills working? I cant seem to use any of the ones I unlocked

What does this green number mean and how do I access it?

Are there any sex scenes?

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How do I start alon's route? I met him once during the first multiple choice with him as an option. Im not finding anything else. Any ideas? Im new to this game