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Thank you so much! I also love the puppet :D

Thank you! It was a lot of fun to make :)

Thank you! Flatpack is such a fun tool to use :D I had a great time making this game and being able to go outside lots for the art!

For me, having some clear indication of whether you're in play or edit mode would be super helpful, like the play mode tint in Unity. The other thing that comes to mind is I find it a little unclear how to add new options to lists in the dialogue window - could the 'add option' button always be visible under the list?

:D so beautiful and relaxing!

In workshops I often share Zen Garden as an example of a game that I feel uses Bitsy in a really brilliant way. Playing your sequel now is so emotional, and I think again really captures how beautifully you use Bitsy. I'm glad making games has been something that's helped you through difficult times :)

Absolutely incredible - thank you so much for making and sharing this :) 

yess totally agree, more personal best-of lists sounds awesome :D I always freeze up when people ask me what my favourite/list of best whatever is because I feel like I'm being asked to analyze all of my experiences and games knowledge instantly and come up with some well-reasoned response.. where in reality it's going to change depending on what day you ask me, or even what hour of that day, how I'm feeling and what experiences I had with games in the past and what resonates with how I'm currently feeling. Maybe I wouldn't feel that pressure if I approached it more from this personal perspective. Thanks for making this :)

I love this :)

Thank you so much! ^_^

Thanks ^_^

So lovely :) makes me want to go and call my friends! Thank you for making this!

I love this so much!

Thanks! :)

Thank you so much! Yeah I agree, the topic is incredible and just shows how important for us as humans to appreciate that our actions may interfere with systems in ways that we don't have knowledge about currently. 

I just downloaded and played your Fungi Garden prototype - I really love how it looks and the chompy sounds! I think the idea of puzzle solving is interesting too, especially since the research around this is so new, it kind of feels like a puzzle to be solved in a sense. Good luck with the rest of your development on it! I actually made a prototype for another game on mycorrihzal networks with my partner for LD46, which was more puzzley - there's a writeup/video about it here if you are interested

I just started reading The Hidden Life of Tree's recently, it's so fascinating. I also borrowed a book called 'Wilding' from a friend which gave an introduction to mycorrhizal networks too and from what I've read so far seems to be a pretty positive account of how it's possible to help forests and woodlands heal themselves. I found the talks that Dr Simard has done that are on youtube really inspiring too, I'd love to hear if you have any other recommendations for learning about this though!

I kind of love this as an in-dev build, and that you can't talk to anyone, it's like some kind of commentary on rpg's that have these huge worlds with npc's just standing around waiting for you to talk to them

Thanks ^_^

I love this so much!

That zelda-y sound effect is so good :D 

Really cool with the movement in time with the music, it's a pretty tricky rhythm to master!

Ahh this is so great how you used a spreadsheet to plot the map tiles! Super inspiring :D would be great if anyone using the engine wanted to make their own levels too :)

Wow I love the way the music changes with your mood! :)

Ahhhh it's so lovely! And AshGary - I *do* like A Flock of Seagulls :D

Thank you :)

Thank you :) I really wanted to make something really short that I could finish in an evening :)

Thank you :) 

Thank you! ^_^

Beautiful ^_^ thank you! xx

Really lovely game, and so sad, such an important issue!

yep :) It was mainly because when I built it I didn't have the right module installed in unity to do a web build :p if I remember when I get home I'll try and do that though!

hehe Thanks! Sorry about your eyes though!! :p

ah thank you so much ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

^_^ thank you so much!!

This is awesome and so interesting! Thanks for mentioning my tutorial and one of my games too ^_^ you have reminded me that I must really update my tutorial haha, at the time of writing it variables didn't exist in bitsy, I think it was a couple of months later :) it's really cool to see the progression of bitsy games with newer features and what people can do with them, I'm always so inspired by the games people make :D

Wow is this an animation or done within Bitsy somehow? Looks amazing!

I love it! It's so interesting how in this jam everyone's done really short games and tiny slice of life type things. Also genuinely felt like I was struggling to walk through the snow, so good - is that just lots of exits?

haha thank you!!

Haha this is so great! Did you type the tweets in manually or have you got them feeding in in some cool way?

I love this so much! It makes me want to buy a load of christmas jumpers though haha

This is incredible! It must have taken so long to do all the exits, so worth it though!