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I love this so much!

That zelda-y sound effect is so good :D 

Really cool with the movement in time with the music, it's a pretty tricky rhythm to master!

Ahh this is so great how you used a spreadsheet to plot the map tiles! Super inspiring :D would be great if anyone using the engine wanted to make their own levels too :)

Wow I love the way the music changes with your mood! :)

Ahhhh it's so lovely! And AshGary - I *do* like A Flock of Seagulls :D

Thank you :)

Thank you :) I really wanted to make something really short that I could finish in an evening :)

Thank you :) 

Thank you! ^_^

Beautiful ^_^ thank you! xx

Really lovely game, and so sad, such an important issue!

yep :) It was mainly because when I built it I didn't have the right module installed in unity to do a web build :p if I remember when I get home I'll try and do that though!

hehe Thanks! Sorry about your eyes though!! :p

ah thank you so much ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

^_^ thank you so much!!

This is awesome and so interesting! Thanks for mentioning my tutorial and one of my games too ^_^ you have reminded me that I must really update my tutorial haha, at the time of writing it variables didn't exist in bitsy, I think it was a couple of months later :) it's really cool to see the progression of bitsy games with newer features and what people can do with them, I'm always so inspired by the games people make :D

Wow is this an animation or done within Bitsy somehow? Looks amazing!

I love it! It's so interesting how in this jam everyone's done really short games and tiny slice of life type things. Also genuinely felt like I was struggling to walk through the snow, so good - is that just lots of exits?

haha thank you!!

Haha this is so great! Did you type the tweets in manually or have you got them feeding in in some cool way?

I love this so much! It makes me want to buy a load of christmas jumpers though haha

This is incredible! It must have taken so long to do all the exits, so worth it though!

Thank you!!

Love the use of items as storytelling devices... very clever!! 

Absolutely stunning

ahh thanks Jupiter!!

Oooh love this! I really like how there's practically no dialogue, I got to make my own narrative as I was going. The colours are beautiful.

Really enjoyed this! It felt like I was going on an epic quest with the long journey at the start :D I loved the colour palette you used too

Oh wow i got goosebumps at the end. I LOVE the sprite animations too, there's so much character portrayed in their arms!

Oh wow I'm really glad to hear that :D can't wait to see more of your bitsy games!

😍😍😍 omg this is the cutest thing ever

Really enjoyed this! I love that people are starting to use Bitsy for autobiographical games :D

Aww thank you so much! :D Really glad you enjoyed it!

This is a masterpiece 

This is so cute :D now I feel like I was there too haha. I also really need to get around to making something in flickgame

Glad it was helpful, and will do! Looking forward to the next jam! (Definitely going to decrease my scope for the next one though lol)

Ah thank you!! Haha yeah she's so creepy, I still don't really feel like I understand her character! 

Hello! I made a list of things I ran into trouble with/would have liked while working on my game in the last jam - here's a quick list of them:

- I copied/pasted most of the dialogue in from google docs where I wrote the script, and found that I had to replace a lot of punctuation in Bitsy (mainly " and ') else it would display as weird characters in-game.

- I wanted to have carriage returns in some of the text but wasn't able to as it cut off the dialogue at that point in-game. It also automatically deleted the text from the paint tool/game data sometimes if there was a carriage return

- I would have liked to be able to rearrange the order of sprites/tiles/rooms etc. in the paint tool/room editor

- Maybe being able to re-name rooms as well?

- I would maybe mention about walls in the 'about' section as I didn't know how they worked at first

- Being able to select a tile from the map as well as from the tile editor (I accidentally replaced tiles on the map quite a few times because I forgot you can't do this :p )

- Maybe the ability to shift entire rooms up/down/left/right tile by tile - in a couple of places I found that I had placed everything in slightly the wrong place and had to replace all the tiles one by one

Hopefully some of this is useful anyway! :)

Thank you! oh name bars would be really cool actually, maybe as an optional thing? I actually made a list of a few suggestions/issues I had while making the game, maybe I could send it to you? What would be the best way to do that?