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Thanks for the well wishes, Derptaku! We'll certainly give the game its time in the oven (we're not planning to charge for it, so it's not like we have much to gain by rushing it out), although we'd like to get it out sooner rather than later, before we get too old for doing actual otome games, ha. Fingers crossed for a release sometime early 2019.

Thanks for the kind words, Otofan! We're really happy to be able to share some laughs with you, and will do our best to ensure the final products deliver. We have other VNs in the works that are more romance oriented that you'll hopefully enjoy going into next year. 

Fair enough points. There will be some forms of development in Peaches and Pecan, but the story isn't really striving to be conventional - it was always intended as a bit of fluff, ha. In any case, we'll hope you come out of hiding when the full game is done!

I mean, they are her dogs. But they're also magically attractive people (more so in the final version compared to the demo). There's definitely room for some... confusion. Is that romance? We'll leave it at that for now, ha.

Hey Agentskennedy (Leon, is that you?!),

We would like to have the full game out by the end of this year, but we're dedicating the bulk of our time to finishing our first game, Paws & Effect. After that's done, Otome Edition will take center stage. However, considering that we're migrating the whole thing to a new engine and still have two thirds of the game to finish (the bulk of the castle and the island), it may slip into 2019. The downsides of having a day job! We hope you'll keep the game in your thoughts until then, ha.

Glad you liked it so well! We feel pretty confident in saying that the full game is a marked improvement over the demo, so we hope you'll look forward to playing it in the sometime-eventually future!

Hey Sora,

Yeah, I see other people online mentioning issues with Windows 10 and DirectX 9. The immediate solutions are to run one of these two installers:

Direct X 9.0c End-User Runtime

DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010)

Some people say the latter is more reliable, so you might try that first. Sorry for the trouble, but let me know what happens if you decide to try those solutions.

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Uh oh! You should be able to play it on 32bit, Sora. Did you receive a particular error message? Do you have DirectX 9 installed? Alternatively, try this method:

- Right click on the application

- Select 'Run with graphics processor'

- Select your processor

We'd like you to be able to try the demo, so let's see if we can find a solution!

It liiiiiiives!

You missed out on all our fun arguments with Capcom, I guess, ha. No, the demo is the same. I thought about releasing a new one, but I figure I'd rather expend my limited time and energy on just getting the full game done.

We're glad you enjoyed the demo so well, Kat123! We can't wait to give you the full version!

I'd love to give you a Mac version, but the engine we're using is, as far as I'm aware, locked to Windows due to DirectX. Maybe if some generous person wants to offer to recreate the game in Renpy for us, we could do it, ha.

If you have Bootcamp on your Mac, you could technically use that to run Windows software, but it seems inconvenient. Sorry! Hopefully you at least find some Let's Play you like!

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We love you, too, MintySlush, and we also agree that this idea took far too long to materialize, ha.

"New from Pantene: Unicorn Tears. Yes, actual Unicorn tears for your hair. Moisture for the ages."

Great! We hope you enjoy the demo!

"It's been 10 years since then, and as much as the world has changed - often for the worst - it brings me some small joy to know that Leon's hair is just as wonderful as it always was."

You're right - we wish we could look half as good as RE6 Leon, ha. Maybe we should have an epilogue that takes the events of RE6 into account...

Thanks for giving it a whirl, StepThaGamer! I'll try to give it a watch if I have some time. However, is that RE6 Leon in the video thumbnail? If so, we consider that blasphemy. There is only RE4 Leon. Everything else is a fever dream. :P

Oh, we will. Eventually, we might even make something respectable!

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Thanks for doing a Let's Play! We're glad you enjoyed it, but let's talk about what really matters: namely, how much did your cat enjoy it?

It brings us great satisfaction to know the game brought you such chuckles. Now, the important question: How does it compare to Sharknado? You can be honest; we've seen Sharknado, we'll understand.

Hooray! Let us know what you think of the demo!

Thanks for the suggestion! Let's hope it works.

Hi Lexymatsu,

Sorry to hear you're having that problem. Usually, this is a problem with DirectX. Here's an article about some solutions. You can try restarting your computer; deleting the game and redownloading; updating your graphics drivers; or updating DirectX.

Let me know if any of those solutions work for you or not!

You need a lot of breath, and yet Leon leaves you breathless. What's a girl to do?

(We're glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for doing a Let's Play!)

Hi nekohaten,

Windows 10 comes with Direct X 10, I believe, but you may have to install Direct X 9 manually for the game to run. I think you can download it via this link:

Try installing these updates, and maybe rebooting your PC, and let me know if that works.


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Thanks for pointing out the bug, thelordelric. I'll see if I can do anything about that. In the meantime, we're glad you found the game funny! It's the crux of the game and thus my greatest fear with it, but it's encouraging to know we're on the right path. Not that that will stop me from obsessing over each line, ha.

As for Red9, the merchant says it best: Strangeh, strangeh, now that's a weapon!

What better bonding moment than fake otome games? For now, rest your funny bones - more is on the way.

We're really happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for doing a Let's Play of it. Hopefully the full game will be even better, ha.

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Thanks for the kind message, mcatis! Believe me, the enormity of the task is not lost on us! But we plan to cover the game in its entirety - as far as scenes that involve Ashley, anyway (too bad for her, she misses out on some of Leon's best moments) - and we'll do our best to keep the humor level high. Fortunately, there's a lot of absurdity in RE4 to draw from, soook forward to the full version!

We really appreciate you doing a Let's Play on the demo, Neco! To be honest, I'm a little shy about watching it, ha. Hopefully the fact that you "want moar" is a good sign - and certainly, we aim to please.

I've updated the expected game length in line with your comments. Thanks! Looking forward to the rest of your Let's Play!

We really appreciate your kind response, missantroop! We admit to having played RE4 an unhealthy number of times, ha. There are more details that we're eager to incorporate into the full game that fans will likely appreciate. Hopefully the full game won't take too long - we've actually written the game up to the point of entering the castle, but we didn't have the time to really polish those sections for the demo.

Please rate and share the demo if you have an opportunity!

Hi Bellannmae,

I'm really glad you were able to play the demo! Thank you so much for taking the time and offering your feedback. It's good to have a vote of confidence from a fellow dog lover!

Thank you, also, for bringing up the naming issue. I'll make sure to address that in the final version. Which does, exist, by the way, despite the obvious gap between the demo and now. It's one of several projects we have in progress, and I still have to attend to other work to keep the electricity on, ha. So it's slow, but I do want you to be able to enjoy the full game soon.

- Shawn, Erotome Co-Founder

Hi Bellannmae,

I'm sorry that you encountered this problem! The safest solutions are to:

1) Restart your computer and see if that fixes the problem;

2) See if you can upgrade DirectX to a more recent version;

3) See if your video card drivers can be updated;

4) As a last-ditch effort, you might try to download and install the DLL file manually, from sites like this,, but I'd be cautious with this method. Ideally, you would have an anti-virus program that scans downloaded files.

Please let me know if any of these methods work or you need more guidance. We'd really like you to be able to try the demo!

We're glad that it finally worked for you! Thanks for your support. We are still working on the game, along with others concurrently.

Hi kawaiinoobplays,

It's no trouble, and we appreciate you taking the time to download the game. My best guess is that you still need to download updates for DirectX beyond just installing DirectX 9. I think you can do via this link:

Try installing these updates, and maybe rebooting your PC, and let me know if that works.


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Hi hytru,

Thanks for the rating and feedback! We're thrilled that you enjoyed the demo! Renpy does seem great, but unfortunately, we don't have any mad programmer skillz and I didn't want the project to be stalled from having to learn some. For future projects, though, with more budget behind them, we will very likely change our tune and employ Renpy.

Also, let's all do our part this American election cycle and list "Peach Cobbler" on our ballots.

Our underpaid gnome workers are toiling on the project as I write this. But they're an unruly, unreliable lot, so day-to-day progress varies. It will happen, though!

It's just like a child - gotta be careful what you say around 'em, or one day, they'll become people and ruin your life.

Thanks for playing the demo!

Hi TheObsoleteQueen,

Sorry for your trouble! It seems like a pretty easy fix, though; you just need DirectX 9, which you can download here. After you install the program, you should be able to run the game without a problem, but let me know if it doesn't work for some reason. We hope you get to try out the demo soon!