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We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed part 1! You'll want to check back in a few months for part 2! Tell your friends and consider leaving a review!

Hey there! We appreciate you asking! That game does still exist, although it's still in early drafting stages (and has undergone some major conceptual changes since we mentioned it on reddit). The dominant MC is still very much present, though, ha. We're trying to close up development on RE4: Otome Edition, but rest assured there is work happening in the background on some other otome games! We hope you'll stick with us until then!

Share some of your favorite moments from the game with other players here! Text, image or video - Ashley isn't picky as long as she's getting out of this nightmare.

For anyone who encounters a technical mishap while playing the game, please let us know about it here so that we can promptly address it. Thank you for your support! Have fun!

No, thank you. It's that classic thought problem: If a game gets made and nobody enjoys it, did it ever get made at all? ;)

Good! In the interim, go share your enthusiasm with others. :D

Hold that hype in your heart, friend.

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For people who have played and finished the game (or even just tried the demo), feel free to use this thread to share your favorite moments! This could be jokes, interactions, choices, whole scenes, artistic elements, or even just some of the animated touches! Please be mindful of sharing content that other people might consider a spoiler. Let's Doge!

No problem at all - we're sorry for your hassle, but we appreciate you bringing the issue to our attention. You've saved other people from the same fate. :)

Glad you're enjoying the game! Please consider leaving a review! We always appreciate and consider people's feedback.

I have a payment record from the 8th for a person named Thomas - is that you? If so, the PayPal activity shows that the refund was sent already (it should have been automatic). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's anything more I can do on my end, since we never actually received a payment. You may have to contact PayPal directly, but we're certainly available to help you get the refund if needed! Sorry for the trouble and thank you again for the purchase! We hope you enjoy it, at least! :)

An update to the issue we posted a day ago: The Mac version is available again. There seems to be an issue where Apple's native archiving program doesn't play nice with the engine's outputted app file. To open the game, you just need to open the app file with a different program like The Unarchiver. The engine developer has assured us that this step will be eliminated in a future update (which I will note here when that happens), but at the moment, it is unfortunately our only workaround for the Mac version. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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Just to let people know, we have temporarily disabled the Mac version. Unfortunately, there is an issue with our engine, TyranoBuilder, where the Mac export does not align with the 64-bit requirement of Apple's latest OS. We have asked the engine's developer to investigate and resolve this issue, and we will restore the Mac version as soon as that happens. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, a browser version should still be just as playable on a Mac device, for what it's worth.

It's not gonna be much longer, god willing. Start saving up some time and telling your friends.

Hi Violette! I'm sorry for your trouble - I wasn't aware that was happening, but I'm thinking now that some other people might have had the same issue. I've changed the payout mode on so that will automatically handle VAT when you pay via PayPal - if you want, please try again and see if it works. If not, please write back here and we'll figure this out promptly. Thanks!

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Hey Leo, thanks for the positive feedback and offer! I thought our studio email was present on our page, but I guess not - it's developer [at] shimmersoft [dot] com. We can also be reached on Twitter (@Shimmersoft). It would be cool to translate the game into other languages, so I'll certainly keep you in mind if we pursue that effort. There's a lot of culturally specific jokes and references in the game, so if we did it, we'd want to colaborate closely on a proper localization. 

In the meantime, hopefully you'll help us spread the word on the English release to see if we can make something of it, ha.

Hey back to you! Thank you for the kind words! Steam was our next platform target, actually - we mainly wanted to see how people responded before throwing more money at Steam's fees, ha (we're self-funding all of our titles, you see, so we're trying to be budget-conscious). But if people express the desire for it, we may just forge ahead - although, obviously, we would be beholden to Steam's 30-day waiting period. However, if you wanted to buy it now and then have it in your Steam account later, surely there's a way I could give you a key so that you don't have to double-dip. We'd certainly try to do that for people who can show us they bought the game already. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks again for your interest!

Please use this thread to note any technical errors you encounter while playing the game. Let us know the episode you encountered the problem and what platform you're using (if browser, please specify). We feel confident that most bugs were squashed during play-testing, but we will quickly try to patch out any issues that are mentioned (you won't have to redownload the file; the patch will be automatically downloaded and applied when you boot the game). Thank you!

Assuming that we're not kidnapped by a cult and need to be rescued by a hot secret service agent, it's gonna happen. Eventually, ha.

We lay claim to nothing. Expect as little as possible, so as to maximize your satisfaction, ha.

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Perhaps the more interesting topic is how much opportunity does Ashley actually have to see Ada? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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It's slow-going, due to unfortunate distractions like "day jobs" and "errands", but it is coming along. All of Chapter I has been imported into the new engine, and there's been a lot of new material added. We're trying to polish up Chapter I before transitioning headlong into Chapter II (which has the brunt of its content mapped out, and some of it already ready to import). We're entertaining getting a new demo out once that's done - but at the same time, the quality differential between the demo and the full game is pretty stark, so we might want to preserve some of the surprise factor and just focus on a full release later this year.

In any case, I'm using what's left of my youth (which isn't much, to be fair) to burn midnight oil and get these games done, so we hope to show you something more soon! Just keep the hunger alive! Y'know, like Ashley!

It's gonna be one hell of a party.

Ho oh, yes, the infamous water room. We have plans. Personally, I'm looking forward to recreating Ashley's gameplay section. 

We like to think of it as "crude wholesomeness", ha. We're really glad that the tonality struck a cord with you; we wanted something that is quirky and lighthearted - antithetical to all the Game of Thrones and Walking Deads out there (those have their place, of course, but all the grimdark does get tiring, ha). And while we're certainly not opposed to people throwing money at us, your kind words are enough to keep us motivated to finish (that, and because we have more games to write, which hopefully you'll also enjoy!). Granted, if anyone else has some spare money to throw at us, be our guest. Our savings don't replenish themselves!

Hi Dragonz20,

Thank you so much for the very kind feedback and rating! We're really happy you enjoyed the new demo so well. We're working hard to get the full game done by no later than March, so you won't have to wait too much longer! In the meantime, we'd appreciate it if you shared the link to the demo with anyone you know who likes cute things, ha.

Thanks for the well wishes, Derptaku! We'll certainly give the game its time in the oven (we're not planning to charge for it, so it's not like we have much to gain by rushing it out), although we'd like to get it out sooner rather than later, before we get too old for doing actual otome games, ha. Fingers crossed for a release sometime early 2019.

Thanks for the kind words, Otofan! We're really happy to be able to share some laughs with you, and will do our best to ensure the final products deliver. We have other VNs in the works that are more romance oriented that you'll hopefully enjoy going into next year. 

Fair enough points. There will be some forms of development in Peaches and Pecan, but the story isn't really striving to be conventional - it was always intended as a bit of fluff, ha. In any case, we'll hope you come out of hiding when the full game is done!

I mean, they are her dogs. But they're also magically attractive people (more so in the final version compared to the demo). There's definitely room for some... confusion. Is that romance? We'll leave it at that for now, ha.

Hey Agentskennedy (Leon, is that you?!),

We would like to have the full game out by the end of this year, but we're dedicating the bulk of our time to finishing our first game, Paws & Effect. After that's done, Otome Edition will take center stage. However, considering that we're migrating the whole thing to a new engine and still have two thirds of the game to finish (the bulk of the castle and the island), it may slip into 2019. The downsides of having a day job! We hope you'll keep the game in your thoughts until then, ha.

Glad you liked it so well! We feel pretty confident in saying that the full game is a marked improvement over the demo, so we hope you'll look forward to playing it in the sometime-eventually future!

Hey Sora,

Yeah, I see other people online mentioning issues with Windows 10 and DirectX 9. The immediate solutions are to run one of these two installers:

Direct X 9.0c End-User Runtime

DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010)

Some people say the latter is more reliable, so you might try that first. Sorry for the trouble, but let me know what happens if you decide to try those solutions.

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Uh oh! You should be able to play it on 32bit, Sora. Did you receive a particular error message? Do you have DirectX 9 installed? Alternatively, try this method:

- Right click on the application

- Select 'Run with graphics processor'

- Select your processor

We'd like you to be able to try the demo, so let's see if we can find a solution!

It liiiiiiives!

You missed out on all our fun arguments with Capcom, I guess, ha. No, the demo is the same. I thought about releasing a new one, but I figure I'd rather expend my limited time and energy on just getting the full game done.

We're glad you enjoyed the demo so well, Kat123! We can't wait to give you the full version!