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Great game, will defiantly want to play the full release on my channel once it is out

Hey you contacted me on youtube :)  have downloaded your game to play it

interesting little game. i liked it 

Another great game. This sit he video I made on it 

made a video for this. Great game 

can't wait!

When will this be available to play?

Any plans to release this for pc?

Great Game, here is my gameplay

Thank you!!! I will try again lol I really want to finish the game :)

The House community · Created a new topic Has potential

The game started off really good. it has potential...but those tunnels.....the flashlight said i had 3 batteries but there didnt seem to be a way to use them?  Not being able to see made the game really unplayable once you get to them..

Good game. When do plan on a 2nd chapter?

Are you still giving out keys for reviews?  I am very interested in playing the entire game for my channel.

of course :)

Good game, enjoyed it and the creepy

Great! can't wait to play the full game

Played the demo. this is amazing. when is it scheduled for steam?

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Good game, do you plan to add more to it? Recently did a playthrough for my channel.