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Thank you for your comment!

It is true that the game design makes it difficult to escape once the player is chased. (It's not impossible to escape if the player goes around the fence, though.)

I'm planning to add a practice mode in the full ver so that players can get used to the balance of the stones.

Thank you! I try to write more story.

Thank you!

Thank you!



Thank you!


Thank you!

Thank you! I think it is too scare but not so much for everyone.

Thank you!

I'll add mouse setting. Thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you! I had fun to watch it! I'm going to remake the map smaller and more density. About dropped a stone by doing nothing, you were looking too down, but I'll fix it.

Thank you! That approach is also correct, but I feel that the game needed to be designed you must to have more stones. 日本語話せますよ。You are great even can read kanji!

Thank you!

Thank you! Good score.

Thank you for playing it!

My idea for a gun is this. The player can get a old revolver with about 6 shots. If you fire even one shot, of course enemies around you will gather. If you hit accurately the target, you can wipe out the enemies in the area.

It's still in the conceptual stage, so I'll consider various additional elements and decide whether to add guns or not.

The lamp posts idea is very interesting! It could be applied. And I want to make more fear by new enemy or something. About a multiplayer, you are right.

This game is based on folklore called "Sai no Kawara", since it fit what I wanted to do.

Then, thank you for your kind comment!

Thanks! It was a good score. I'm going to remove hit collision of trees and structures.

Thank you!

Arigatou! Fell scene was very unlucky, cause it's a small chance.

Your video includes perfect stuff that I want to let playing for! Thank you! About a gun, I don't add a AK47 or M4 but a revolver or something. Overall, I may change my mind.

Hi Bruno. Thank you for uploading the video! I'm happy if you like it.

Thank you!

If you carry a stone in darkness, something might happen...

Thanks! Please try The True Game!

Thanks! I consider italian dub in.


I tried to make The True Game challenging difficult.

Thank you! I'm going to accept the harsh words and improve the game.

Nice video!! Gracias.

Thank you for playing. It was very close!!

Thanks! I knew this game is playable even if skipping tutorial.

Thanks! i'll do my best.

Yes, I'm affected by that. I want to improve more quality, and publish it!

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It was so unlucky that the enemy on the bridge :) Maybe you could pass it by walking. Thanks for the video!

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Thanks for comment! That story may be too abstract. I'll try to improve my English too. About teleportation very close to the enemy, it seems that the enemy just be in the teleported point. But it should be fixed. Thanks for the other useful informations! I will use it.

Thank you for comment! I don't have linux environment, so it's useful information for me. To be honest, I don't have also mac but hope working good. Please look forward my next project.

Yeah, I will update it. Thanks!