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Shikaka Games

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So I got this working on win10 in full HD, fun fun.. The music reminds me of Scott Joplin's ragtime, did you compose that yourself or? Great sense of humor in it :)

Oh, yea, I guess it will run its best on a fairly modern computer, and thanks!

Well, the gravity is also a bit floaty in the original that I remade, hence the gravity as it is.. Glad you liked the music and idea..

You can see how it is supposed to run here tho, btw...

I actually encountered a similar problem in the making, the low fps (almost crash) thingy, but I thought I had solved it for all parties/computers.. Oh well, back to game maker studio I guess!! And I'm glad you could at least hear the music, but damn!

That would set a poor example for those who kept the deadline, and nor do I even think it's technically possible. So sorry mate! Next time. Game looks good, too.

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Thanks.. I have taken care of a few collision issues, but some still remain, especially if you play with keyboard. I have also added a "you win" screen, because you're right, it was indeed a bit of a strange ending that it just said "retry". It is meant to be sort of hard yes, as there is only one level. This game was mostly a test of how ArtRage and GameMaker studio went hand in hand.

And the cat safely returned IRL after three days, btw.

Thanks again!