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also for Mac you may want to use this command in the terminal

xattr -cr "filepath"(or drag and drop app into terminal)

for anyone having issues with Mac, its a problem with Mac auto extracting the file, you need the move the zip from the bin and extract it manually (Double click it)

found the problem, also found a solution, when downloading something through safari, when that file is downloaded its auto extracted, which in some cases can corrupt the download, it then dumps the zip into the bin, what you need to do is delete that extracted file, and move the zip from the bin back into downloads and extract it manually, you'll see that when you extract it manually the icon should be a vial with some pink fluid, theirs nothing wrong with the game, its something about apple

How do i fix this problem,

unable to preload the following plugins:

When was i unpleasent i was stating that you shouldn't have put it on google play if the game is free and theirs no ads , havent you ever heard of critiques, maybe you should change your page and remove the link to google play and stop lying to people that are on android

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why not just release the apk on instead of the playstore, and then update it when you have time, especially since it doesnt have ads.

You shouldn't have released it on google play to begin with

The game isnt on google play

Google play won't show gam

is there a save option, i am using the linux edition and i didnt find a save button/anything similar

is it for android and if not why does it say its for android

How do you download for android

I you have trouble opening the file on android 

Use winrar and rename the file extension to apk.

is there going to be a android version

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Android version

android version