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If I buy the hardcover book will that include PDF and LCP file access?

WOOHOO! I like all those ideas, I have but one more humble request, as someone below already said, something along the lines of railroads/railway station and/or highway, to make it possible for future esque sci fi games. Anywho, amazing work!

Woohoo, the new labelling is great! Together with being able to export all stuff to PNG to number it yourself, you got the basic city blocks named! Awesome sauce!

It was an idea, and maybe not even all buildings. Maybe it could work with clusters as well, a little bit smaller than the districts, so that you could mark 4-6 houses with a number or something. It's an idea, if it doesn't work no foul done, your generator already made me incredibly happy and less tired. Keep it up man!

Hello fine programmer and maker of great random cities! Would it be possible to have an option of numbering the buildings and/or districts? Possibly coloring/shading districts (divided by larger roads) differently to make it easier to see what's what?

Just an idea, but would it be possible to make a feature you can toggle on and off that gives every building a listed number? That way its easier to make a list of the buildings without having to mess up the map. Anyways, stay awesome!