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On December 12th, yeah.

Yeah, we'll be doing that for the Steam version!

It'll also be available on bandcamp in the near future.

The demo is about 2 hours long, but some have taken longer on it.

You can definitely transfer over your save data to the full game if you purchase it!

There should be a frozen grate you can remove with the help of your Fire-affinity party member. 

Ah, yeah, Sporegano's enemy list has some issues at the moment since it has more enemies than any other area.

We're currently looking into the issue!

Hi, Cyberwolf! Just watched your video! Yeah, the game is not too easy, especially in the beginning. It's highly suggested to use skills as much as you can during battles, especially in normal and hard mode. The heals and revives should go around the same time as each other since neither is set to any priority and are solely based on Klein's speed. The enemies attacking downed allies seems to just be a default AI the engine gives enemies.

The game can be a bit difficult at times, but that's why we allowed for difficulty setting changes mid-game in case it gets too hard or too easy for people. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with playing easy if you just want to enjoy the story since that's what that setting is for ^^ In easy mode, you also accumulate EXP a little faster than normal. EXP scales with your level so there shouldn't be too much of a need to grind to enjoy the game.

You have to talk to Ann to get the key to the back room of the Smallmart in Aeros. After that, make your way to the back and talk to the NPC with a visor and start from there.

It's a very localized quest.

We're really glad you liked it, tesseralis! There'll be more updates to come, so HEARTBEAT doesn't end here, heh heh.

As for your question, the locations for the in-field weapons are as follows:

  • Light - In the puzzle room at Otecho Path
  • Ice - Hidden in a house in Mt Phrost
  • Earth - At an island in Bowfort
  • Volt - In the castle treasure room
  • Wind - Sunwich cave
  • Toxin - In Cirruwa Forest's "lost woods" area
  • Shadow - At Arctario cave
  • Flora - Shopkeeper at Pretorricane
  • Water - In Cirruwa Road
  • Fire - Cirruwa Forest through Hisstanbul

We're planning on making it so everyone who owns it on can get a free Steam code. 

Though we'll share more details at a later date.

Which version did you download? Maybe the files didn't extract properly. Try re-downloading the full game and see if it fixes it. Also make sure you're downloading the game and not the patch if you're going from the demo.

Make sure to extract the folder from the zip file and put it somewhere writable.

Thanks for pointing that out! We'll fix that right away.

For Vice and Silk, you'll want to alchemize their meals via Ven. Quinn is in Arctario Cave, where you fought that one ice boss in khaki pants. The Queen does not have a sidequest. The towns are there for other sidequests and extra enemies to scan/fight.

We'll probably implement a sidequest log in a later update! We meant to do that, but we never got around to it.

Yeah, we were thinking of putting in a sidequest log somewhere, but we never really got around to it. We'll probably add it in an update!

And, no, you cannot get locked out of Quinn's sidequest. The portals are in Aeros, Otecho, Harbei... and another one somewhere in Arctario Cave, but that's more of part B of her quest that can be initiated by talking to a certain someone.

Thank you, hobberzz! We're glad you feel that way!

To get past the boxes, you have to use Rex's jump ability. It should be W on your keyboard. And don't worry about asking questions, they are more than welcome! We're always happy to help.

When you step on the first button, rev up as Chip and then change direction based on the one the arrow gives you, and when she bumps into another switch, it will automatically turn on and you just rev up again, change direction as the arrow says, and repeat. 

Thank you for telling us, Okamille! That is a very strange bug.

We'll be fixing it for the next patch, so keep an eye out for it ^^

Soon! We wanna be able to get rid of as many bugs as possible before we release to Steam + set up all the goodies that usually come with a Steam release.

If it helps, you can change directions while Chip is revving up!

Oh yeah! One of our devs, Sil, is actually a Spanish speaker and has plans on translating the game to Spanish at a later date. For now, we're focusing on some extra Steam-related things. But don't worry, there will definitely be a Spanish translation in the future. 

Thank you for the offer, and if we do end up needing some extra help, we'll try to contact you guys!

Remember to utilize both Chip and Luca for this area. 

In one of the latest updates, we introduced an NPC in the Grotto that also gives you a li'l hint since someone also got lost there.

Ah, don't worry about it! There's nothing wrong with asking, just in case. 

When you transfer a save from version 0.1X, it'll start a new game but you keep all your tickets because of the amount of changes between versions it wouldnt be possible to keep progress. 

If you transfer a save from version 0.2X, you keep your progress however.

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Oh, huh. That's weird, we'll look into that issue. That shouldn't be happening. What version demo were you using? Version 0.10 or 0.20?

But yeah, you can have a separate folder for the demo version and then transfer the save files to your full game when you get those tickets!

Thank you for the kind words, Dreamzxk! We had a lot of fun making this game, so hearing people say they enjoyed it really brightens up our days ^^

We've actually thought about giving the moth alternate skins, so maybe we could implement in a future update!

Sorry for the late response! We're planning on having it as soon as this week, as soon as we get certain things settled!

Thank you, dude! 

That is very strange, we haven't had anyone with that problem yet. 

We'll look into it.

Thank you, dude! 

That really means a lot to us ^^

Yes, we are planning on one eventually.

Oh, thank you! I know where that is...

We'll fix that right away!

It's possible to export a Linux version via MV, so we could look into it!

Aww, we're really glad you liked the demo!

For the Steam release, we plan on having achievements (instead of just keeping them in-game), trading cards, other Steam-related stuff, and an option to bundle your purchase with the OST. The itchio version will solely be the game itself. 

And, thank you so much, man! The game was always intended to be a feel-good type experience ^^

Yes, that's correct. That's not a bug. Shep gets more items and equipment once you get to Aeros.

Glad you're liking the game so far!

Thanks, really glad to hear you're enjoying it!

While the menu/selection sounds are custom, the battle animation stuff we just left since we didn't have enough time and there was a lot to cover while we were trying to focus on the important parts. 

We'll eventually release MAC versions later, like we did last time. 

Right now, our MAC playtesters are busy, so we're waiting on their schedules to clear before we release the MAC versions to ensure it works just fine!

Yeah, you can Cat Scan regular enemies for the last ticket!

 Good luck!

This looks to be the same error someone got a few days back, and we're still looking into it.

It's a weird error, but we're assuming a plugin might be messing with things. 

Thank you for letting us know! We fixed it just now!

And yes, if you catch any typos, feel free to tell us!

Yeah, that's how it works, heh heh. You'll start a new game, but you'll have your tickets from the previous file and they get redeemed after the first tutorial battle! 

However, if you transfer the save from the new demo to the full game, then you pick up from where you left off ^^

Yeah, we realized the lag was coming from a camera plugin we're using and we're going to be fixing it before the release ^^


Thanks, dude ^v^!