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Interesting short horror game!

A very interesting demo!

Good and fun short horror game!

Good short horror game!

Short but entertaining

Buen juego!

Good short horror game!

Me encanta que esté en español porque no manejo tanto el inglés jaja. Espero que lo logres terminar!

Me gustó mucho que esté en español, ni sabía que existía una historia así sobre mi país. Interesante y recomendado.

The concept is interesting. It reminded me of the game P.T which I imagine has a clear inspiration from that game. It has a considerable duration and I earned some good scares. :)

Good short horror game!

Great chapter 2, I loved the game. I hope you make more games

Good short horror game!

Creepy game :)

Good short horror game!

Good horror game!

Good short horror game

Good game!

Me encantó. Qué gran trabajo de doblaje.
Espero que pronto hagan el acto 2 porque me encantaría jugarlo.

I hope you can finish the game, I would love to know the ending

Good short horror game!

Good game bro

Good game bro!

I really liked your game, I hope you keep getting more

Good short horror game

First time playing some SpongeBob horror. I loved!

Nice horror game!

Very good and graphic style I loved it

Good game, cool

I loved the graphic style of the game. I hope you do more

Thanks for this game!

I loved it, I thought it would be shorter and it would leave a good impression with the duration of the game

Nice :) great atmosphere

I loved the game, thanks for translating it into Spanish. :)

Nice game

Great short horror game

I loved the atmosphere, the screams and sounds too. Very good

I loved the game! Good atmosphere

Nice game bro