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the end selection is perfect

good to see that  john and i have the same goals. 

I like the game, but that monster is a damn asshole. cant keep their own side of the deal. 

my poor heart wasnt made to meet a wayne

some pets changed colors when restarting the app, that restart also made some talk again, before they were just stuck with the "!" bubble. 

the bottom of the app is cut off with the app bar of my pc, what makes it hard to acces some buttons (barely anything of them shows). 

the games seems nice, but mostly lacks a more detailed description of what is happening and what the player is supposed to be doing (it at least would be more rewarding to spend more time with it that way). has potential to be pretty addictive. 


where can i download this soundtrack? this is to good. 

Game doesn't stop loading

Uh no its only Halloween decoration, and what are you doing in here?

damn you developer. damed be you from a cheese (my favorite)

ok im gonna play it again, thx i forgot

it wasnt the download, just the opening. apparently the files looked suspicious. 

at this point the interesting thing is, the creepypasta video i was listening to in the background continued playing and i could actually still interact with the browser over the bar down there(open a new tab), weird crash i didnt have bevore. making a sound when i clicked anywhere there, and after a restard all tabs survived. so i just got really confused and angry at my antivirus...  after the restard it took the scan and opened for me to play...

I really dislike the management... just let me get in the damn elevator ;-;

My antivirus didnt like it and even crashed firefox once scaning the data... but well, i liked it. be careful with this future player.

Yeah, a very frendly fire...

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It is pritty strange in fullscreen

I love it, what a sweet couple.

I cant start the game, Z isnt working, but it is to play with a Keyboard?

i got a glitch/bug and got in a position where i culd see truh walls, got out with crouching and continued, but culdnt proceed becouse the door lock melted with the door and there wasnt a possibel interaction. It was just Strange.