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I played this last week for my Friday stream and had a lot of fun! Really surprised by the amount of content and polish - well done! Video below highlights events and gameplay from the stream, :)

Great game! I played this last week on stream and really enjoyed the story! Below are highlights from the stream with a quick "first impressions" at the end.

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This is an excellent RPG! I love just about everything it offers, including the clever use of art and detail for an 8-bit style!

See my blog post for more detailed thoughts on the game (as well as a highlight video from a recent livestream).

I played this on stream earlier tonight. Had a good time, but I had some huge menu problems. At first, the game would stick on the level select screen. Later on, I couldn't load or start a new game (settings/exit from the main menu still worked).

Twitch VOD linked here, just in case you want to see what happened. (First 50 mins only, I obviously had to change games)

I streamed this last week - here's my highlights! Overall interesting concepts, but needs some work. Interested in seeing how things progress!

Thanks for making this game - I had a lot of fun streaming it last week! I made a highlight video as well as written my thoughts on the game here:

I was going to post this last night, but forgot. As I went to check email this morning, I discovered you already found it! Thanks, and good luck with Greenlight support!

I really enjoyed playing this one. It's so well-paced that it felt like being in a horror film. A couple of the jumpscares needed better timing (sliding door and TV), but otherwise a great, thrilling experience!

Great game with a wonderful setting and story! I really enjoyed playing this for my series of free games - article w/video here for those interested.

Awesome game and quite addictive, thanks for making this! I played this during a livestream, video here for anyone interested.