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Shem Tom

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about the unity version.

PS you are not that online in discord

Which social platform can we talk?

Great Game idea...

yow still waiting for the game proposal.

Hey, i gotta say the trailer is way lit even before i play. It's so interesting. 

I love the UI. 

Bdw i needed some help because i think you have access to a mac it would be so good as developers helping each other out. There is a game i am supposed to release to the app store but i don't have a mac. 

So I decided to buy the ios project builder for windows which is available at the unity asset store. The problem is, it requires a key of sort from a mac. Let me share an image below to clarify what am saying. 

Here is my Discord: shemtom#7492  I'll appreciate the help. 

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yeah we are full

👌🏿 Okay

REQUESTED YOU . still pending. 

discord : shemtom#7492


sure, am really glad you accepted this is amazing.

Hey, My name is Shem Tom, 18 years old living in Kenya. I am a beginner in Programming (also virtual-programming) and also little game design. This is my first Jam trying it out. Anyone Open to form a team. 

Discord : shemtom#7492

Lets talk choose the appropriate and reliable way you want us to talk.

Whatsapp 0704038775 

Twitter @shemtom17 


hey are you open for a collaboration.

nice game bro. if you are open for a collaboration for a game it may be good. hoping for your response.

love the game

ill be in touch. whatsapp 


it would be best if i gave the idea there. if you suggest other ways kindly let me know.

i can come up with an idea and maybe music .