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Thank you for feedback.

I try to do zombie stop spawning after the time but I think I mess up with zombie spawn code. I will try to fix it by transition to proper game over screen before submission end.

Thank you for playing and hosting the jam.Sorry about buttons. Time ran out before I finished it.

Thank you for the feedback. This is my second Jam and I still struggle to make gameplay feel rewarded for players.When I make a game I only think about how to make a lovely world and forget how players feel. I will try to do better next time.

Thank you so much.When I started to make this game funny enough, the game you mentioned didn’t come to my mind. My inspiration came from Insaniquarium with slime, but my skill is not enough . I end up finishing with the barebone function of an idle game.

Thank you so much for playing. I didn’t know someone would go this far. lol

Thank you for playing. I did have a plan for a focused version of button but time ran out before I finished it, so it ended up like this. I genuinely feel bad about it. haha

nice to see different take about split concept to gameplay. Sadly the game doesn’t support mobile.

See balls hit every blocks is really satisfied. Good idea overall wish I could have more control over the balls but I don’t know what to suggest to make game better.

Simple mechanic but enjoyable. Wish a little bit more polish with sound and button feedback.

Good idea for the theme. Understandable about result not much as other submission because it made by pygame not full game engine. I was stuck at the stage 2 because I didn’t know I have to pull from the button to shoot the arm out lol.

Solid game, fun and enjoyable gameplay. I struggled a little bit and didn’t understand why I couldn’t move the tiles. I wish there was a little feedback when you try to split the tiles that have item, maybe highlight them with color to say it’s not moveable.

Thank you so much for trying my game. What you are doing is really good and helpful for new dev like me . I feel bad that my game is too short.Hope i can create a better one next time.

Thank you for the feedback. I’m considering updating with more stages or rewriting the game in higher res because I can add more mechanics in higher res.

good palette choice. I don’t know u can run out of ammo. Hope there is some visual clue about it.

Very cool game. It was like u are playing Monster Hunter in low res.

I was a little confused at first but after reading the manual I was able to beat it.Art is really well made.

very fun and relaxing gameplay.

Very relax to play until you got too much frogs lol. Really love the art.

I can’t play in full screen mode and default resolution have little text blur

Aside from the problem love concept of the game

Does the game have audio?

love the game. Flamethrower is really satisfy to use.

I use your songs in Lowrezjam. It’s my first game jam and I don’t really have resources for music in games. Your songs come in handy and fit my game. I really thank you for that.

here my game