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lmao no worries then

Desculpé que não gosta do jogo, podem explicar porque é um jogo ruim?

thank you for the feedback, that was a very balanced review. we're really glad you enjoyed it, and we'll put in a mouse sensitivity slider for you :)

thanks shmec :)

Thanks! We're glad you like it

The photos are saved in the same directory as the game

thanks joe

Yeah that's fair, there's a resurrect card on the 9 key but we're looking at making the whole thing a ton easier

thank you so much!!!!!!

Haha yeah we definitely want to make it easier, the controls listed were what we wanted the controls to be and what we will make the controls be later, we noticed the death button not leading you back to the try again screen Right when we submitted 

But yeah very valid 

Thank you so much! We're planning on refining it a bit to create a polished game jam version, and then hopefully working on it a bit more after that to make a finished product

Please don't submit games you made outside the jam period to the contest