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Vivien Le Fey

A member registered Sep 07, 2019

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the only reward needed for me is that you continue to create this game, maybe a little more lore, the meaning of words etc ... a kind of in-game encyclopedia

OMG i'm so excited !!!

we can wait and we are very very excited, i send you a lot of good vibes, take care and rendez vous at the launch of your patreon <3

"I can't enforce it, but I can prevent minors and those of us who are more gentle in nature from running into sudden sexy surprise smut."

Under a misunderstanding and under the effect of surprise, one can appreciate. ;) Above all take your time .... looks like Dobby found a sock to chew :p

OMG take your time above all, i send you a lot of good vibes, cheers <3

they are so much cuties in this game, it will be hard to make a choice ;)

i love your game so much and so far, I can't wait to see the rest of the story <3

you're welcome ;)

take your time, if i support some people on patreon, it's not to have something every month or worse to see you burn out, but because what you do is quality, interesting, with good writing and humor, it is patronage; moreover I know that our common acquaintance appreciates your work, hence the collaboration and I hope that there will be others;) 

oh my !! love this  <3 <3 <3

oh idk them, i give it a try thks !

i can't use my 0.32 save with this version ? :'(

me too xD

I send you lots of good vibes from France, what matters is his health, we will wait for his return <3

I really don't like spiders, ... but yours is so cute, very good demo, can't wait for more <3 

I think, i'm in love with Wyatt and Brooke remind me my bff :) very good game but i want more :p

me too, i like werewolf <3 and i love human cargo <3

Calm down, we can wait  ;) it must be pleasure not work

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i love this ... 

would we have a picture of Zheng?

I want a Logan werewolf husband  <3