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It's just a target, I guess. I don't plan on making long VNs with crazy quality to them and I know what is manageable for me (as a solo hobby dev). But thanks for asking!

Love this game. 

This is a cute game. I love being a chaotic force of nature ^_^

It's short, but their relationship is pretty wholesome

It is pretty funny and the ending didn't disappoint. The title reminds me of Rimuru

Cute computer<3

I'm sorry, sock puppet retail guy, but I'll need another 100 refunds.

Friendly chap, had a nice conversation while the bones in my arms got used to being not broken again. Good luck and I hope that Ezrira's dream comes true. Perhaps they're just a teensy bit cannibalistic, but is still hot.

I think that this game does give death a fresh perspective. Even though the protagonist's sister passed on, the protagonist, through their memory of their sister is freed from mental constraints (of needing to obey social norms) and their life can properly begin. 

Spoilers incoming, but personally, I chose to grab stuff so that the protagonist can be 'haunted' by her memory and strive forward. I mean, even if it hurts a lot, it's better to remember than to regret later on. 

The storytelling format is pretty experimental because the backstory is told in fragments based on what item protag inspects. I like how the more you dig deeper (open boxes) the more intimate it feels. And it's funny to imagine the poor protag lifting maybe 10+ items out of the attic, so I hope that they are buff enough in-universe to do so. 

This has super cool modern, sci-fi(?) fantasy vibes. I think there's a lot of worldbuilding behind this story and it is pretty fun to speculate.

College students, take notes. This game is extremely informative and anyone pursing a degree should be encouraged to play this. 

- NotAGhostwriter

Aww she's so cute. I'm trying not the close the game rn because I can't bear to. 

Cute, I enjoyed Wither and Pia's relationship. I'm a sucker for the autumn aesthetic so I downloaded this quickly, haha. I'm still curious to learn more about Pia after this.

I never knew how much I needed a demon DILF in my life until this. Don is so charming, I love him

God the art is so cool. Tbh I might not mind being captured by them...

it's very fun, I like the animations. The options are just as crazy as in the original stickman games. Cute aliens.

Classic murder mystery of our generation with a gripping twist. The art style is the icing on top of the cake.

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the virgin demon king and the chad elixir heroine

Can I pay Harold to punch Past Me too?

For my first try, I made the ultimate friendzone bouquet on purpose to mess with the protag ehehe. But this is a cute game. 

Short but cute game. I made the trashiest ramen alive just for the goddess's reactions. Hopefully protag kun can finish that 

The hero has learned the basic skill: Human Decency! 

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mmm meet buns look so tasty ^_^, they are to die for

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BLACKJACK WITH HOT GUYS IN JAIL! 100/100, will protect cinnamon roll Lou anytime. Game can be a bit grindy/repetitive if you want to get expensive items in the shop, but do it to get closer to hot guys >_<

Replayed a bunch of times to get the good ending, I don't have the heart to try getting a bad end. The best part of the story has to be the worldbuilding (sort of sci-fi, dystopian city) and characters, both Hornet and Emily are very well-written and complex (even with different family backgrounds). Choices in this story have more influence on the narrative than I expected :0 so props to the writer for having so much care.

The abstract, painterly art style really suits the narration and gets me to stop and think and feel, if that makes sense. Altogether, this is something that will stick in your mind afterwards.

super cute <3 Space Frog and Earth Cat are so wholesome

dont mind me, just making a memorial for my bug. This dressup/creator game is so chaotic, I love it

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This game does have Papers Please vibes with the branching storyline and moral choices. My favourite part of replaying will always be sending cookies. Even if I'm trying to be evil and betrayed the Resistance and the universe sinks into hellfire, at least some kid and his grandma are happy ^_^ Though, the game could've been better with a space diner :D

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So far I've completed Crook's route and it's so wholesome ^_^ Bernie always feels like a lost puppy wherever she goes, but she's super adorable~

It must've taken so long to do all the art and I think it's worth it because it looks amazing. The characters are great, especially Flannel (Flannel pls notice me, I'm your fan!) I hope the mystery gets fleshed out more in the future.