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scary face will haunt me for the rest of my life

playing this while sleep deprived is a sin (Game #5)

i beg you input a checkpoint (Game #4)

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if high-speed chase sequences was a game (Game #3)

grandma needa quit oppin lowk (Game #2)

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muahahaha (Game #1)

i don't get it (Game #3)

if japan was a christmas horror game (Game #4)


witewway what the fwip (Game #1)

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u made thumbnail lol (Game #5)

this game disturbed me because i never play games about this topic, but i liked it, it made me feel more depressed rather than scared

need to know if this is based off a true story or not asap, even if it isn't tho it's still great

short but scary i like it

short and simple but scary, the chase scene just needed some better guidance and maybe a prompt to tell the player where to go (Game #3)

i meant to post this game, but i forgot to record the right monitor, but overall it was an interesting concept and i enjoyed it. here's the vid it was meant to be on:

good graphics but very confusing (Game #2)

this was a special one... (Game #1)

congrats on being the first horror game to make me fall out of my chair

this game took a toll on my mental health

she teleported at the start and i almost flew out of my chair (Game #2)

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i played this 10 months ago and thought it was hard but i beat it now lol (Game #1)

good game but it shouldn't take 10 minutes to get back to the gas station and there should prolly be a checkpoint somewhere lol (Game #3)

the visuals on this chapter were fire i just think i need more guidance on the puzzles tho i was lowk confused

choo choo f**k you charles


why cant the baby be in blue? or red? colorism at its finest

i bought a tshirt lol

i just saw a photo of the merch and i might cop bc i remember playing this game as a 6th grader and sh*itting my pants

grandma has some f**king problems

i was too lazy to get all endings lol

the dumbest burger ever

honey!! im home!!

mandela catalogue but its a game

doppelganger lol haha

love and hate relationship for this game

satan is real and this game is proof


loved this game ong