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what is the diffrence between them??

can you impliment some casual relaxing music or somethin?? the game is pretty silent 

and if you pick elf or devil you turn into fairy and demon

dafuq....where can i donwload it....i cant ind it anywhere or am i just blind

other one?? where did you find it

i have legs hair skin arms etc....but what the square at the belly button (its around the bellu button) i cant find a part that should fit there

then how tf are we supposed to play it? xd....why upload the game if you cant play it

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its greyed out why?..cant play it

can you do something with Gnu??...when i attack her she just bounces me bak

like gore pop??

oh you have to buy it now huh..sad

damn this is hard..or im just bad

man i wish i were in ur goup and went to ur school xD

its a clicker game how would you play with a keyboard?

godammit i was so close....i just needed 1 more win

yeah it was my bad xD

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ah nvm...i just rememberd that its just my VPN being too wont even let me play sims and roblox sometimes..i have to turn vpn off false alarm there is no virus

Kalyskah community · Created a new topic Virus

dude why did my system detect a virus when i tried to open ur game and play it  huh.....

so its one of those games where only the patreon members get it???

she thicc

wich never happend xD....not that im complaining

ah so thats why i thought the ankha dance character looked familliar….played this game some time back….then i saw the ankha dance and thought the character looked familliar…then i rememberd this game


my ears got blasted


the bubbles dont work

i have become more tainted.....f

time to explore the unkown....shit


godamm theres alot of monsters in that sewer wtf....i have been down there for idk 30 min maybe....i have been in atleast 100 battles so far calm down with those mobs dev xD

is there a fullscreen??

then wtf are you doing here

Adventure High community · Created a new topic Fullscreen

how do i get full screen

Fleshcult community · Created a new topic Fullscreen

is there a way to go it to fullscreen....there isnt a opyion in the settings and f11 dosent work either.....nor does f4

f yes

is there sheep?? if theres not then you better make some godamm sheep and put them into the game