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I reviewed this game on my channel yesterday and I gotta say I'm impressed with how intricate some of the puzzles were! Good job, I loved it!

Thank you! I also very much love your username lol.

Who knew that exchanging letters with a complete stranger might lead to this!

I am outraged by the service at this No-Snake Hotel! Never been this mislead before!

I genuinely think this is the future of realtors all around the world. A remarkable perfectly normal experience with no cause for concern at all!

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Did a review on my channel. I was super impressed with the mood setting, the audio mixing and the overall experience. Mazes aren't exactly my thing, but I loved it nonetheless! Good job!

I always knew there was something off about Karens, but this is just insane! Couldn't beat it either!

That first encounter with the Ghost Lady had me jumping back so far from my monitor lmao! Loved the game, great job!

I never knew I was so interested in finding out what's the feeling of being blind and getting abducted by a cannibal at the same time! Love the game and the concept of Teddy Vision!

Hello! A few weeks back I covered Dispatch on my YouTube channel and I liked it so much that I decided to check out The Longest Road as well. I gotta say - definitely didn't leave disappointed lol! Good job on this demo, I hope we'll see more of it in the future! :)

<3 ^^

I'll be honest with you - that ending got me good! lmao

Here's my take on it! Some pro plays started happening once I realized there's a map! :D

Hey! I decided to give your game a go and was definitely left with a super uncanny feeling afterward. It's definitely an interesting concept and art style for it! Here's a link if you wanna check it out. :)

Thank you for giving it a watch! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Hey! Your game seemed interesting, so I decided to get it and make a video about it. Here's a link if anybody's interested. :)