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How do I activate this easter egg?

Would really like to play this!  Any plans to bring it back?

I loved it!  Can't wait to play the full game.  The bizarre world, atmosphere and gameplay is 10/10

I love the VHS and CG style graphics!  When Amanda turns to Wooly in the butcher shop.. that was insanely creepy!

That face the shadow makes after you eat the pepper is so incredibly unsettling.  Well done!

I loved this game!  The view of the mountains and forest was so cool.  Wish more games had open beautiful PS1 style graphics that were this good.

Awesome game, love how the bunny acts innocent even when turning into a horrifying monster lol

This was great!  It's so incredibly creepy to be searching the house knowing someone or something broke in.  Even with the lights on it's unsettling all the way through.  Even without the monster this would be at least a 9/10.

A horror game about making ramen noodles... amazing!

One of my new favorites!  The cars suddenly starting gave me a good scare lol.

This is one of my favorite backrooms games.  The surreal ending was perfect!

The secrets are such a fun addition!  This is also one of my favorite 3D/PS1 styled graphics, very well done.

The outside buildings give me such a strange sense of somehow still being inside lol.  Loved this concept!  Simple, but creepy and fun.

Loved this game.  The presence of the monster in the cave is so unsettling!

The silent and creepy atmosphere of this game was amazing!  Would definitely like to see morel like this :)

Love the atmosphere in this game!  Well done :)

I've seen quite a bit of videos, but I feel like there's a secret that has gone undiscovered.  Is there a crowbar hiding in the actual world somewhere?  To unlock the breaker on the first floor?

I loved this!  The graphics look so good, and the surprise was fun.

Very spooky!  I really liked the design of the light house and the story.

Amazing short game.  The ending, wow!

Excellent game!  The atmosphere of the silence, and dark - yet lit up night was amazing.  Good background and attention to detail.

Very spooky!  That "The Ring" reference brought back some memories

I loved it!  Great attention to detail and graphics.

Congrats on first place!  Definitely deserves it.

Interesting concept!  Would like to know more about the story of what the mirror world is and why its boarded up.

I was skeptical at first, but this is a really great game!  Really captures the feel of backrooms, but even spookier.  Imagine being in this situation.  Darkness and toilets.

One of my favorite SCP 087 games!

This was fun, spooky and a good story.

I liked the concept, dunno what closing my eyes was for though.  Didn't seem to change anything.

The graphics and story was amazing.  The guy pounding on the door and the ending was perfect.

Loved the ending, well done!

Incredibly unsettling.  Definitely has that No Players Online feel, but with more violence.

I loved this game!  The random generated island adds great life to it.  You're little friend playing guitar on the log was a great addition.

Loved this!  The goose was hilarious, and the ending was spooky.

Very spooky!  Mind blowing ending as well.

One of my favorite Indie Horror Games.  Just realized there's a full game on Steam!!! Can't wait to play the full, I'm getting it tomorrow.

Incredibly scary at the end!  I love how you can go back inside the house too.  Great graphics as well.

This is my FAVORITE Backrooms style game!  Well done :)

Thanks to everyone involved!  Such a great compilation of games, can't wait for next years!

Well done!  I don't understand much of it, but it had a great creepy atmosphere.