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I loved the atmosphere of this game!  Perfect.  The darkness, wind blowing, emptiness.  Well done.  I did follow the path up the hill and to the house in the distance, but is there anything thats supposed to happen there?  Couldn't find much else there.

My guess is ending 2 is achieved by dodging the monster and cleaning that final left behind puddle that appears.  However, the monster is way too fast and despite my many tries I cant get past him.

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Managed to stumble upon to secret ending!  Gotta play at 3-4AM and talk to the white box that appears.  Any way we could get some hints on the rest?  Stuck on the gifts note, and the 1% note - saw a YouTuber get that one somehow tho.

Great game all around!  Good atmosphere, and then a creepy cave exploration.

All of your horror games have such a creepy look to them!  Always a great concept too, hope to see more like these.

Your horror game concepts have been so amazing!  Hope to keep seeing more like it, they're some of my all time favorites.

Short and really fun!  The twist to it all was really creative.

Really spooky atmosphere, great intro and story!

Finally got around to playing and reviewing!  This was a hilarious, then terrifying game.  Nicely done!

Your horror game concepts are some of the best ever!  Hope to see more like this, and stuff from the Notebook Entries.

Weird, but really fun!  Nicely done

10/10, excellent music and little details.  So many fun dances and things they do on the island.  Rough end tho

I couldn't help but make George 1 extra lasagna at the end.  Dude seems ok, just wants some lasagna.

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Nicely done!  Very awesome Dead Space concept

Loved this!  Great concept and reveals.  That one face that peeks out from the kitchen, wow.

One of my all time favorites now!  Really cool game concept

Excellent pixel art, platforming, and RE inspiration!

Amazing pixel art work and aesthetic on the actual "Future Racer 2000"  very spooky game with a good concept overall.

Really loving these games you've been putting out!  Amazing effort dude

One of my new favorites!  A bit later than others getting to play it, but glad I did.  Btw, any new tips about that secret that one guy discovered?  Very interested in that.

Aliens and backrooms?  This was a fun short game!  Any more hints to that 4th ending?  I poked around quite a bit.

Incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, perfectly done!

You're welcome!

Amazing game for something done in 72 hours!

You're welcome!

Glad we finally got a google maps horror game!  Really well done

The Lidar gun was really fun, got me into the other lidar game too.

This game was amazing.  Super disturbing, good details and PSX graphics.

Lots of great creepy moments, and spooky atmosphere

Good concept!  Really thought provoking, would like to see more like this.

Takes a sec to figure out, but I really enjoyed this one!  Incredibly spooky.

Awesome graphics and attention to detail!

Pretty good FPS! Great cursed cart experience

Nice and short, really fun concept!

Short and spooky.  Nice job on the checkpoint for the endings!

Awesome dystopian world as usual!  I love your games :)

Great atmosphere, and spooky santa!

Amazing game, you have to try this out!  Really hope to see more like this.

Great experience, super sad though.  The ending was tough

Awesome, spooky game :)