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I played your game today, i liked that there were no battles,grinding didn't take very long and that you needed ? amount of points to get something to happen.
it was short,but at least it was a relaxing experience.
personally i like to have more to a experience but it was okay for what it was.

by the way, was this still in development? the food place in middle town was not available.

Hello, i wanted to give feedback in a direct message but it seems this site doesn't offer that feature.
some grammar improvements


This was not as good as the previous 4 games i think it ended too early without really achieving anything.

Ver 0.9.0

Glitches/dialog improvement.

another thing i noticed was the inventory. you should be able to press I again to leave it. instead of the X.

there is also a lot of clipping. cameras going through walls. and walking through some walls like the boulders blocking the path.


has potential but needs a lot of improvement.

:O i think i just assumed there wasn't one since. i don't think downloads are common on the same page as where you play a browser game XD

i somehow downloaded the wrong version apparently. sorry about that.

I could not find a way to put the program in full screen. and it is needed as the bottom part of the game goes too far making the UI unusable. for me this is unplayable.

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i could not play this for long. i do not like the UI. having to move the screen as often as it's needed. to get information or do anything. is not fun.

Random thoughts

made for phone? screen so small.

after choosing the small length quest with the elf. it stayed on the screen with the description. i had to restart the game to continue.

I wish this was downloadable. i don't like web games.


As the description said it's a easy to learn card/tower defense game. i enjoyed this.

The collection of cards is easy to use and understand as well as perhaps have a couple different strategy's for winning.


i Recommend trying this.


Starting with the chapter 3 battle. the boss was no longer visible. At first i thought the graphic was not made yet but there were moments on the 4th and 5th (final) chapter that i did see part of a image.  so there is something going on with that.

i'm not sure if this is intentional but there is no save feature. once the program closes all progress is lost.

i had a bunny in my deck when i never added it. and i never even unlocked it.

Ch5 boss is unbeatable. the time never goes passed midnight and he has infinite life.


Story mode not available :(