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Beating all of the levels was a lot of fun! Beaten in 30 minutes but the amount it provided is still very fun and fulfilling not at one point did it felt repetitive, because the game keeps you engaged through different mechanics for you to master on!

If you combine the eraser with the yellow highlighter it makes a combination of a texture cheese and add the "smelly sock" to add scent to make it convincing. And yeah you basically give Lisas the "food" :P

But hey! At least she gave it back and safe! Well hopes she gets the real cheese soon xd

I know I am a little late, but I LOVE the art-style, it's cute and pretty stylish, the color contrast sets the mood, the little details really adds life into these games, I personally think this makes it mysterious & ominous environment! (Cops and crime themed) And I really like the point and click riddle puzzle solving! It reminds me of the old flash game called "Riddle School" where you're able to combine to solve your way out, really like to see more games using this kind of concept! Kind of unfortunate it was cut short, really nice game to play while listening on podcast!