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thank you :)

Could I get an AppLab key, please?

thanks :)

thanks for the tip!

I'm trying to install the update through SideQuest but I'm getting an error message saying "INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE"
Am I messing up something? SideQuest says, I have version 712 installed...
Any help would be appreciated

Hi! Great game, having plenty of fun with it. Good to hear it's getting higher res and the AppLab treatment :)
Do you plan to implement some sort of local high score table? currently it doesn't really work when multiple family members are trying to track their individual progress.

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this game has everything I want from a mobile game: hex tiles, puzzles, replayability, varied graphics :)

one thing though, the restart button does funny things to hero or indicator graphics

you just made my day :)
best of luck with the development process, if you need any testing power, please consider getting in touch!

all around greatness!
any chance of this landing in the google play store? (please say yes!)

Looks pretty :)

Are you going to turn it into a commercial Android app?