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Bloody great game, not stressful at all 👍

Once i got going (got stuck) This game was brilliant, hard to get immersed in text based games but when you mixed it into a first person game here you nailed it! Thanks for this game :)

Genuinely scary as hell!

Struggled finding the code for that chest, hint plz?

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I loved this, thanks dev!

I like your games:) I put both in this vid, good job here man!

Short but very good, nicely done here dev :)

Loved this one, thank you dev! :)

This was fun, I enjoyed the chases, The camera night vision looked great too it kinda reminded me of outlast. Awesome job on this one dev! 

I was so confused by this game lol

This one surprised me a few times with the scares, great little game here!

SLEEPOVER community · Created a new topic My poor heart

Glad to see you are still upodating this its really good! here is a vid of me struggling in the previous version :D

Man, I would love to see more of this game it reminded me of old school RE and silent hill type games very well done here dev!

I actually found it, took a while though lol thanks anyway :)

Where do I use the courtyard key? been struggling for a while since i found that lol

Stressful, scary and enjoyable all at the same time, those random jumpscares have the worst timing sometimes though xD  Great game here Dev!

So much quality in this one, highly recommended :)

No problem, thanks again for the game.

Highly recommend this one, very well done here dev :)

Really enjoyed this man, some good scares and a lovely sinister dark background story surrounding it all, Merry Christmas everyone!

Fancy seeing you here haha Looking forward to trying this myself :)

Man the puzzles in this game were so well put together, nothing too complicated and not too easy at the same time. The atmosphere was also really good, great job on this project guys more like this please :)

Some of the ideas here were great, i love how you changed the environment around the player once we got to the room that locked on us, and yes the scare actually got me haha really good project here dev hope to see more like this :)

Think i got lucky here around the 18:47 mark lol for your first project this is a gem, very nerve-racking experience and it had me glued to my screen the whole time! Thanks for the game i am very much looking forward to your next project :)

Bloody mental! It's great though :)

Had loads of fun with this, could only get one ending though lol

surprised me a few times with this one, great for your first project dev nice work here :)

Great as expected :)

Short but very good, Hope to see a bigger version :)

Promising Demo, needs a bit of work on the subtitles at the start but besides that i was impressed with this one, Would love to see a full game :)

One hell of a scare in this one, such a thick atmosphere always felt like something was coming for me :D great game man!

Great atmosphere, loved the shower scene :)

I enjoyed this one, maybe speed up the player walking speed a tad though :) Looking forward to any future projects you come up with.

Well that was horrifying, you never fail to deliver man :)