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cool i cant wait!

Really enjoyed this game cant wait to see a full version maybe? So the sound of radio and tv drowned out my commentary and i had to add subs because i couldnt get the game volume down, Could be an issue with my setup idk but nevertheless This was still really good! Heres my gameplay hope you enjoy: 

No worries man keep up the good work!

So i just finished playing this and hugely impressed you got alot of talent man i shall be following you, looking forward to seeing what you have in store in future. P.S my mic got a bit poppy in bits so sorry for that hope you still enjoy my gameplay:

Wow this suprised me, Cant wait to see the full game! Heres my playthrough hope you enjoy the video.

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Well i don't speak much Spanish but i love what you did here! creepy af, heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:

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I didnt know my youtube buddy made games! couldn't wait to try this 1 i liked it, first clown scared the snot out of me dude lol heres my vid:

Awesome! Will keep an eye out.

I really enjoyed this, final puzzle took me waaaay longer than it should have lol Hope to see more from this in the future with maybe a little more added to it?  Great work though thanks dev heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:

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Yea for just 2 people you did an awesome job on this project i would love to see another chapter if possible!

also shared this on twitter.

Hi subscribe to me and i will return the favour!

Massive improvement with this version! i love these kinds of games thanks dev:

This is an excellent game, i like the noise of the notes showin where they are but my eyes still failed me haha. Got a bit too cocky with the creature and he got me! Heres some of my gameplay:

P.S im gona beat this hopefully and upload the video, Great job on this project guys!

Looking forward to it, keep up the good work!

This reminded me of P.T. Brilliantly done developer i was left wanting more which is surely a good sign! heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:

Nice game dev, the ending was too funny! heres my experience hope you enjoy:

I enjoyed this game it got freaky when she came under the table at me, thanks for the nightmares and heres some of my gameplay:

its part of the game dude

This was nice, didnt run perfectly for me but i still enjoyed the experience. I absolutely loved the ending and how the game tricked me into thinking it had crashed haha heres some of my gameplay and also good luck to you guys in the future!

^ what he/she said

Personally very tough for me to watch and listen to, but its good to see a developer using gaming to raise awareness of this subject, heres my vid and good luck to you in the future you deserve it man

keep up the good work!

Really enjoyed playing this, nice to see a storyline along with a good atmosphere great job guys. Hope you dont mind me posting my gameplay here!

P.S. The gun shot scared the snot out of me haha

Thanks man i look forward to the 20th :)

Played a bit of this then got killed which kinda made me jump, so had to upload this first part while i look for some clean underwear XD game is looking nice though good luck with the rest of development! Heres my gameplay

Played this over the weekend and loved it, atmosphere was spot on and dialogue was nicely done hope you guys do well in the future good luck!

Heres my playthrough of the game!

Cool i'll re-upload and post the vid then thanks!

I did upload a video of this but something about copyright came up underneath which i have no idea about so deleted the video haha 1 hell of a game though!

Pleasure man! looking forward to the update :)

I played this game pretty smoothly with high 1080 settings and loved every second of it!

of course!

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Hi Kevin! Played a bit of your game while i had the chance and really enjoyed it. heres some of my gameplay so far 

<button itchio="" type="button" class="embed_preload youtube_preload" data-embed_code="<iframe src=""" embed="" bo2e3z13swk"="" allowfullscreen="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0">It was uploaded literally seconds ago so im hoping 1080p is available :) if you enjoyed my video please leave a like and subscrtibe to my channel, Thanks!</button>