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Waiting for this one :)

Man, this was pretty damn good this one got me a few times. Nice idea here too i loved when the cars went crazy :D great game dude!

This was bloody brilliant :) Being stuck in that dark maze of bathrooms with that thing scared the hell out of me, cant wait to see more! 

Came to play this after trying out The Metro Station Incident and was not disappointed. Very dark and very quiet until we hear random noises which was unsettling for me, and the ending was a cool one. Looking forward to checking out more of your games :)

Short but good, i wanted more :D

Loved this one, looking forward to what you bring next :)

Man i absolutely loved this one! such a fresh idea with the book giving hints as to how to survive that weirdo and save Junior haha.The poem was really well put together too, I believe you are on to something with this one :) Really good work here dev i think i got the best ending? here is my vid i hope you enjoy

Press tab twice to select keys then use on doors

Very unique game here i loved it, btw how many endings does this game have? i managed 2 but could not find anymore.

Man i really am a fan of your games :) Another good one here, that car got me dude haha

Great idea here, can't wait to see what you add to it :)

Probably one of the most unsettling atmospheres i have ever felt in an indie horror game, very well done short but really good!

Thats good to hear mate, keep us updated.

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This is a great demo and I'm so sorry to hear that you cannot continue development yet, but hopefully in the future it stops and this game will be finished. Meanwhile here is a vid on my gameplay, please take care out there Wadish!

Stuck in a loop when the creature knocks on the door, is that where it ends?

This one was amazing dude holy crap i would love to see a full game of something similar to this! The way that thing runs at you and the noise it makes really got me!

This one had me all nervous :D great job on this one man i loved it :)

I really like this one! Could not beat it, not sure i completely understood it but still i had fun with this one thanks dev :)

This is bloody brilliant :) 

Loving this demo mate, hope we see a full version soon :)

Hey man i enjoyed this one but i was a bit confused by the puzzle for the door, besides that it gave me a few good scares and thats what i came here for :D good job here man!

Christmas horror games don't usually spook me but this one really did haha thanks for another awesome game!

Love how you kept it quiet :D

A very nice experience as always with your games man i cannot wait to see more!

Hey thanks again for sending me this copy you guys are awesome!

The visuals in this are amazing i appreciate the amount of work that went into the hand drawn assets it looked so clean and tidy, also the way it was all so normal until we went to look for James was really nice i love a good build up to the weirdness haha :D thanks again for the game i can't wait to see if you add more endings :)

Always enjoy your games man so i knew this was gonna be good :) Can't wait for a full release!

Short but sweet, a little bit hard to hear the voices sometimes but other than that i really had fun with this one great job dev:)

Really enjoyed this one guys its hard to make a game scary even with a weapon but you pulled it off, great job i loved this! :D

This was really nicely put together & i liked the 4 monitors puzzle alot, the chases had me panicking so much too as you can see here haha great job on this one :)

This was bloody brilliant hope to see more from you :)

Very impressed with this one, visuals, sound and overall design had me glued for ages.

VERY good, but i got VERY stuck lol Thanks for another really cool game man :)

This was so awesome and its free! great job here dev very surprised by this one :)

Short but very creepy! Looking forward to the full game :)

This was really good man! Not sure how a game with no jumpscares or enemies put so much fear into me :D