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Nice work :)

I think its ok for a demo but needs work:

Yes thanks, i put in the code i found and stuck again haha i will post vid soon

Easier said than done haha i found the first key on that dining table and then opened the door with the red glow, now i am stuck after reading the note about scarlet leaving.

Lol ok thank you :)

Dude, is it Ravings or Radvings?

Entertaining indeed :D that tv freaked me out dude haha great job as always, ending was kinda long though but hope you enjoy the vid :)

Hey there! thanks for recommending this game i really liked it, love how every door leads to the same place i was so confused at first haha great job! here is my gameplay i hope you enjoy it  :)

This one made me nervous lol really nicely done great job dev 5/5 hope we see more :)

This was really nicely put together, loved the visuals and sound (and of course the creepy mannequin) great job here dev very unique style keep it up :)

Loving this idea!

Excellent game here great job devs :) looking forward to checking out the body!

We all knew this was gonna be good but man you did well on this one, i can see alot of work (and heart) in this game, thank you so much for bringing us this awesome series, any other plans for future games? Btw heres my vid its a tad long but hope you enjoy anyway:

Sadly, i think this was the last one, but yea this was flippin great!

Very unique and very creepy, great game dev thanks for sharing :)

Crazy game, Thanks for the nightmares dev: 

I dont know how you do it man, these games somehow get stranger and stranger haha thanks for the game :)

No problem at all i had fun with this game thanks so much for making it :)

I finally beat the game, not sure if it had a map before but i noticed it has one now and it helped alot thanks dev :)

Hey man, cant wait to see the full game i feel like this is gonna be good! Heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:

Hey thanks man, gonna give this another go today :)

Bit of redemption, again thanks for the tip man :)

Yea this is gonna be good, hopefully as scary as wrong floor was :)

Always have fun with your games :) thanks for your work!

Hey i cant wait to try it :)

Really not bad at all for first attempt, hope you put more work into this :)

Thanks :)

Cool game here dev, could not find that damn skull though :D

Short but very sweet, gave me a few good scares thanks alot haha

Got a bit frustrated with the valve puzzle, the mouse wheel did not work for me until i restarted. Just too many puzzles in this one for me, other than that i thought it was well made thanks dev.

This was so fun man as always thank you

Great ideas, great execution :)

Congrats, you made me fear a fridge, Loved the ideas here great work indeed!

Looking even more scary than your last game :D and i have to say the visuals outside were amazing man!

Yea i got it :) vid coming soon.

Got the part by the bed but unsure how to progress after that

where is 2nd part plz? i got frustrated looking for it, thought somethin was wrong and tried to load up last save and got stuck on loading screen :/