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Had me all nervous at the end there haha great job on this one dev :)

This was nuts, more plz! lol

Hell of a demo right here :)

Great first chapter, wishlisted on steam I'm looking forward to more of this :)

Looks great so far, looking forward to more of this!

This was nicely done, had me on the edge of my seat :D

Quite stressfull but quite satisfying at the same time, scared the hell out of me as well 😁

A few issues with it being a demo but i love it so far!

Lol thanks again dude!

This was fun, sure put a smile on my face lol thanks dev!

Nice demo, found a few bugs though and just about managed to finish it!

This was so good i wanted more haha, maybe a longer version in future?

Pretty good demo, looking forward to a full release :)

This was one hell of a demo man lots of suspense and a deadly finish haha well done so far dev!

Hell of a start here dev! Looking forward to more of this :)

Highly recommend the steam version, game is very good!

Very nice demo here, looking forward to the full release :)

I got stuck but still had so much fun with this one, looking forward to the steam release in October :) 

Great Demo here dev, looking forward to the full release :)

So excited for the full game after trying this, great job so far dev :)

Excellent as always man :)

I absolutley loved this one, those visuals were so good. a few decent scares and a great ending!:D nice job here dev!

This was excellent, great work dev :)

So good i wish it was longer, Thankful for the game though great job dev :)

Hell of a game!

Scared the pants off me!

Creepy as hell, great job dev! :)

Love P.T inspired games, great demo dev!

This was fun, thanks dev! :)

Didnt run great for me but i had fun, looking forward to more :)

A few good scares here very nice game dev. I liked the puzzle too even though it took me way too long to figure out lol

Can we get this on steam plz?

This was really good, nice job dev :)

Jeez that was crazy haha nice work man wow!

I played this before the update and somehow managed to finish it without health :D Tried the updated version after making this vid and the medkits did nothing haha This game gave me a good scare anyway nice job there :)

This was pretty good indeed, loved the 2nd ending! :)

I was not expecting that :D great start dude not bad for your first project!

Very scary, i need more plz :)

Loving the ideas here :)

Great ideas here dev i loved it! I know this was for a jam but any plans for a longer version in the future?