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Love gallery mode. Very expressive lcd blots

great concept for a boss fight

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I laughed at "the thing about 'one more try' games is, it's because you always feel robbed!"

Very challenging arcade/match/tower defense game. I've played for 15 hours so far and I feel like I'm still discovering it.

The Pico-8 can export games straight to HTML

Was this really made in only a month? Doesn't seem like much time to create the next Geometry Wars, but that's exactly what they've done.

A note on upgrades: you assign each upgrade to ONE level; choose the level, then choose the upgrade BEFORE clicking "enter sector"; later, beat the level again without using the upgrade to get the upgrade back.

A great thing to do when you're stuck is go back to earlier levels and beat them again without the upgrades to free those upgrades up again.

Having a Daily mode is brilliant.

Wish there were shutter speed controls together with some moving objects in the world.

stylish, addictive, brilliant

Reminds me of Super Crate Box. Same single-minded, addictive score chasing.

Overloading the single button makes the action feel super slippery and chaotic, same as in Flywrench.

And it's the same ridiculous value proposition as Downwell. I even love the cabinet graphics on the sides. So, like, play this.

Really nice game. The driving gets really interesting starting at medium difficulty.

Bug: if you're boosting while crossing the finish line, the boost sound is stuck on. It will play even when you exit the race and throughout the menu.

Cool how the track changes colors. Maybe the colors could signify straights and corners—that way you wouldn't need to memorize tracks.