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Nathan :)

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It's so amazing this is out there, free of charge. So much time, love, and effort has been dedicated to this project, and it's amazing. It reminds me of Mass Effect, mainly due to the space theme, and that's not a bad thing. ME2 is my all time favourite console game. I thought Cal was the lost prince, but after talking to the mysterious character at the end of chapter 2, it's clear that's not the case. I'm so hooked on this story, and the gameplay is just so beautiful!

Wish I could donate hundreds or thousands to show how much I've enjoyed your two games, I know how much work you've put into them. Soft Earth is seriously one of the most touching stories I've experienced. I and many others appreciate all that you do. Thank you.

holy crap, i'm in love with this! absolutely amazing <3  i did not expect the plot to turn out the way it did, but i enjoyed it even more!